Type 2 Diabetes



Type 2 Diabetes is a serious disease that can be fatal. Diabetes occurs when there is insulin resistance. You can test it with a special tool that pricks your finger.

10 facts about diabetes

1.1/3 of people that have this disease don’t know they have it

2.type 2 diabetes doesn’t have symptoms often

3.5% of people of all people have type 1 diabetes

4.blood sugar levels rise

5.main leading illness to blindness in aging adults

6.diabetes cost 174 billion dollars in medical expensiveness's annually

7.Bariatric surgery can reduce the symptoms of diabetes

8.people with diabetes have a chance to get heart disease more

9.over time diabetes hurts heart nerves, kidneys , and eyes

10.cells may be starved of energy very quickly

Healthy choices

1.balanced meal

2. exercise daily

3.monitor your weight

4.check blood pressure

5.doctor regularly


Increased thirst

increased hunger

dry mouth

frequent urination

unexplained weight loss


blurred vision


loss of conscious

Maintain healthy body with type 2 diabetes

You may need an insulin pump because your body can't process glucose correctly. Long term diabetes results in kidney disease and nerve pain. Monitor carbohydrate because it effects blood pressure. Balanced diet helps maintain body weight ,blood sugar, blood pressure cholesterol, prevent heart disease. Losing weight and helps your body use insulin better

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