gun control

stricter gun control laws

we need more of it because we loose people to guns all the time obama wants more gun control because people just go shooting up people for no reason.If u want a gun and someone shoots you your murderer will not pe put to death.

less gun control

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some people say more gun control wont stop the violence but make it worse.more people say mor laws should be added though

romney sais that new gun control laws will not help it wont stop people from obtainining gun and hurting other people.that it will ot stop the violence
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more gun control is needed said by the peoples of the one thta their familys life have been taken by a gun

obama sais that more gun control is needed because we loose young to old people everyday to guns and weapons everyday.Just like the coldorado shooting we lost lots because this guy legally bought all this ammo and guns and shot people and kill children adult and old people