Week 4 -Building an Online Presence

Are you accurately portraying YOU?

Coodinator Guidance
In today's technology-laced world, establishing and building our online presence has become a huge part of our personal and professional success. It is important to ensure the person we portray to the world via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other online platforms we use is a quality extension of our true selves. Building a strong, quality online presence can help us network with others at work and school and become an added source of confidence.

This Week:

  • Building confidence for your career: watch the optimizing LinkedIn video and create/update your LinkedIn profile. Click this link and attend a live webinar provided by LinkedIn, or view one or more pre-recorded videos to build your online presence.

  • Mentee will create or update their LinkedIn profile and connect with mentor

  • Mentor and mentee will visit Ashford’s Forward Thinking blog and bookmark to view future articles