Warbritton Weekly Head's Headlines

Week of October 13th, 2015

Upcoming Events

October 13th- Sweet Cece's Night

October 19th- Report Cards Issued

October 22nd- School Picture Day

October 30th- Fun Run

November 3rd- Parent Teacher Conference Day- Students do not report

Back to work....kicking off Week 10!

We hope you all had an amazing break! We are excited to find out what adventures you took Ms. Head & Mrs. Warbritton on while you were on break!


Reading- RL.4.9 Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the topic.

RL.4.6 Compare and contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first and third person.

Writing- W.4.3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences using great technique, descriptive detail, and clear event sequences.

Language- L.4.1f Produce complete sentences recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons.

L.4.2b Use commas and quotation marks to mark direct speech and quotations from a text.

Spelling/Word Study- L.4.4a Use context as a clue to the meaning of a word.

L.4.4b Use common grade appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of unfamiliar words.

L.4.4c Consult reference materials to find the meaning of words

Math Corner-

4.NBT.5- Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and properties of operations, illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and or/ area models.

REVIEW-4.NBT.4- Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Weekly reminders-

*Check their agenda daily and make sure they are completing their weekly & daily homework!

*On Thursdays, make sure your child is studying and looking over their Math 4 Today, especially any that they had difficulty with. We do 4 boxes a day and check at the beginning of our block.*** The actual weekly quiz is on the back of our daily Math 4 Today. I hope this is helping students study more carefully. They need to be reviewing those problems that they have not mastered.

*If you have internet access have your child log onto his/her account and practice math fact fluency and math skills tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses

www.mobymax.com and www.xTramath.org

*If you have and iPad- a great app I have found is the Go Math 4th grade. It is $1.99 but is a great practice tool to use.

*http://www.worksheetworks.com/ allows you to personalize certain skills to practice.

*Another fun site to practice math on is http://mrnussbaum.com/math-for-kids/

Social Studies/ Science News

Age of Exploration

  • How do people change the environment, and how does the environment influence human activity?
  • How are power, authority, and governments alike and different across nations?

  • 4.4 Trace the routes of early explorers and describe the early explorations of the Americas, including:

    •  Christopher Columbus
    •  Ferdinand Magellan
    •  Amerigo Vespucci
    •  Robert de La Salle
    •  Hernando de Soto
    •  Henry Hudson
    •  Jacques Cartier

    4.5 Analyze the impact of exploration and settlement on the indigenous peoples and the environment, including military campaigns, Columbian Exchange, and European agricultural practices.

Wish Lists Items

  • Shipping Labels
  • Cap Erasers

Teacher + Parent + Child Working Together = A Successful Year in Fourth Grade

Dear Parents & Students-

We are excited that we will be working with you and your child this year! We will work hard this year to meet each child’s needs, no matter their ability. We will do our best to help your child to develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We firmly believe each child can reach his or her potential if he or she is willing to do their BEST! We are looking forward to a very exciting year here at Shayne!

Box Tops for Education

We are collecting box tops. Please cut and save these for our school. Place in a baggie and send in with your child. We will have two collection periods. So clip and save those box tops so our school can earn free money.