Aka, Vitamin "B-2"

Its function:

Riboflavin's main role is to support your body metabolism by accessing energy from nutrients you consume.


Dairy is the best source of Riboflavin but many leafy green vegetables like spinach, parsley, and seaweed are excellent sources as well.

What happens if i don't get enough of it?

Since Riboflavin is an important part of most of the body's metabolic systems, a deficiency in it would result in energy loss.

What about too much?

Riboflavin toxicity is very rare and you would have to consume impossible amounts of food or overdose on supplements to get to this point, however, the primary damage of Riboflavin overdose would be to the liver.

Did you know that...

I.) Riboflavin is so important that a deficiency in it would result in deficiencies in other vitamins as well.

II.) Riboflavin is made synthetically.

III.) The vitamin is often used as coloring for bright yellow and green coloring on candy, AND it can glow in the dark! ;)

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