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North Elementary School- November 12, 2015


MORNING DUTY: Grade 5 (ABC only)



YEE HAWS!!!!! = 7

Calendar of Events

Thursday, November 12

  • Elementary Principals' Meeting from 8:00-11:30 am at BOE (Barb out)

Tuesday, November 17

  • Blue Ribbon Writing Party at 9:00 am in Room 110
  • RED (KT) at 3:15 pm in the office

Wednesday, November 18

  • Mid-quarter grades go home
  • Early Release at 1:00 pm (See Early Dismissal Schedule)

Thursday, November 19

  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast at 7:30 am at the Miller Center (Amy Backes attending)
  • Barb out morning only
  • Staffing- parochial student at 3:15 pm in the office

Friday, November 20

  • Blue Ribbon Writing Papers Due to Fariba by 3:00 pm please

District "We" Surveys

All "We" Surveys should be completed by the end of the day on Friday, November 13.

WE Lead = All building staff, including librarian, counselors, paras, food service, custodial, secretaries, etc...

WE Learn = All students grade 3 and above.

We Teach = All teachers that have a roster (e.g. classroom teachers, Specials teachers, Resource teachers, Reading Recovery teachers,)

ICLE classroom visits

On Wednesday, November 11, you should have received an email from Mr. Linthicum regarding classroom visits beginning next week. Below is a part of this email from him:

Beginning on Monday, November 16, the International Center of Leadership in Education (ICLE) will be visiting classrooms for about 10-20 minutes. Consultants will collect data on the intsturctional practices and strategies used in classrooms and how the instructional strategies are currently impacting learning. The survey findings and classroom observations will help ICLE provide recommendations for improvements in instructional leadership and classroom strategies.

I do not know which days or which classrooms they will visit. Just know that you may have visitors in your room between Monday and Thanksgiving and that they will only be in the classroom for 10-20 minutes.

Early Dismissal Schedule

Our next Early Dismissal Day is on Wednesday, November 18. North School will dismiss at 1:00 pm. I will put a more detailed schedule in your mailboxes today which will include duties, but below is the short version:

Special Class

8:00-8:30- Grade 5

8:30-9:00- Grade 4

9:00-9:30- Grade 3

9:30-10:00- Grade 2

10:00-10:30- Grade 1

12:00-12:30- Kindergarten

**Kindergarten with be the only grade to take an "optional recess" on early dismissal days. All other students will have lunch recess only.

Lunch and Recess

10:30-11:10- Kindergarten

10:50-11:30- Grade 1

11:10-11:50- Grade 2

11:30-12:10- Grade 3

11:50-12:30- Grade 4

12:10-12:50- Grade 5

Early Dismissal Agenda

On our early dismissal day we will continue to work on ensuring that our instruction is rigorously aligned to the standards. This is a continuation of our work from our PD Day in October.

Mid-Quarter Grades Go Home Wednesday

It's hard to believe but mid-quarter grades should be sent home on Wednesday, November 18. Sending home mid-quarter grades is optional, however, I think is is a must for students earning a "C" or lower in any subject and for those students who you have social or work habit concerns. (If you would mark a 1 or a 2 on their grade card.....) To be honest, it serves you well to send mid-quarter grades home with everyone. It is another form of communication with parents as to how their children are doing. Be sure to ask for signatures on any mid-quarter grades that you send home, and be sure to follow up if you don't get mid-quarter grades back with signatures.

Lunch Recess and the Weather

The weather is getting cooler and so it is time to run our weather guidelines!

Our general guideline for determining whether we go outside at lunch recess is a "feels like temperature of 20 degrees, particularly for grades K-3. If it "feels like" less than 20 degrees, recess will be inside. Please use and key in Holts Summit's zip code: 65043 Grade 4-5 may go outside if it is colder- but that will be at the discretion of Mrs. Silvey and Mrs.Gehlert.

Decisions regarding whether classes go outside for the "optional recess" are made by the individual classroom teacher since he/she has supervision.

For your newsletters before Thanksgiving

Please be sure to include the following information in your newsletter before Thanksgiving:

The PTO Fall Labels Contest will end on Monday, November 30. Please continue to collect the following labels: Campbell's Labels for Education, Tyson Project A+, and Coke Rewards. Labels should be returned to school in an envelope or plastic bag with the teacher's name on it so that your child's class will get credit for the labels. The winning class at each grade level will receive a PIZZA PARTY!

SRI Testing

Just a reminder that ALL students in grades 1-5 must take the SRI during the district test window which is the first three weeks of the second semester. Everyone should plan to give the SRI sometime between January 5 and January 22, 2016.

December Service Project

Amy Backes will be taking the Notables to tour the Holts Summit Nursing Homes on Monday, December 21. Last year she took Christmas cards that were made by North School students and the residents loved them. If students need something to do when they have finished their work, an idea might be for them to make a card for a resident of one of Holts Summit's nursing homes. Please discuss with your students how meaningful these cards might be to someone in the nursing home. In addition, please look at the cards students turn in to you to make sure they are appropriate. Turn in any cards your students make to Amy Backes by the morning of December 21. Thanks!


  • Weekly entries should be made into Infinite Campus in each subject area.
  • Be sure to keep your websites up-to-date!
  • I would like copies of all classroom newsletters. These can be sent to me electronically or a paper copy in my mailbox.
  • Please continue to use the clip up tickets, Safe, Respectful, and Responsible Compliment cards (or verbal compliments) keeping the 4:1 in mind!

"Get your learn on!" --Kid President

R I G O R 5 Strategies for Increasing Rigor in Your Classroom

Being polite means that you show good manners.

Be Safe~Be Respectful~Be Responsible