by Scott Westerfeld

What is a leviathan you may ask?

A leviathan is a legendary sea creature mentioned in the Bible. It is known as a humongous sea monster. In this book, the Leviathan is an airship owned by the British Air Force.

Clankers vs. Darwinists

Clankers- Machinery Darwinists- Evolution/animals

Clankers- Austria/Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire Darwinists- England, Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Serbia

Clankers- rely on fuel and oil Darwinists- rely on evolutionary designs and instincts of animals

Many fun/exciting/thrilling moments!

Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Deryn and Aleksandar

From opposing sides, these two join up on accident to help save the Leviathan and venture on to the Ottoman Empire to deliver a secret that no one but the Pope, Alek, and his assassinated parents know about. But Deryn has a little secret of her own that could get her thrown out of airship academy.