Outer space

By: Carl Nevius


  • Comets are the left over formation of stars and planets from billion of years ago.
  • A comet orbits of the earth is very obit all while, planets tend to have circular orbits.
  • Due to the motion of the comet, which is pretty fast, and the force exerted by the solar winds, the trail of the comet will be evaporated and will soon make a tail.
  • When comets are very far away from the sun they're mostly covered in ice black rocks and dust.


This video is about a comet and where they came from,and what they're nick names are, and also these comets go faster than 100,000 kilometers faster than any plane ever.


  • An asteroid is a large rock in outer space. Some can be very large, while others are as small as a grain of sand. Due to their smaller size, asteroids do not have enough gravity to pull themselves into the shape of a ball.
  • Near earth comets are comets and asteroids that have been nudged by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to enter the earths orbit.

    1908 -- An asteroid estimated at 50 meters across explodes above Tunguska, Siberia, and it blew down trees across 2,000 square kilometers and it also kill a thousand reindeer, but apparently no people. Because the stony object exploded in the atmosphere, with no craters

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This asteroid is called the Rosetta triumph The picture came from Rosetta's OSIRIS instrument. Which took a picture of the asteroid while it was in the air.

News Article

This article is trying to tell us that NASA is looking for big asteroids that may be able to crash into our planet making the planet look like pulp. But NASA isn't really worried about the small asteroids because all they will really do is spur tsunamis or even make a 100 megaton explosion happen

The article was by: Amy Hubbard

Megaton: is a unit of explosive power which is usually used for nuclear weapons or TNT