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TLI EOY Data Meeting 2016

Hello Everyone,

Please review this newsletter prior to our meeting on Wednesday. We will be working on creating data views for language acquisition and literacy related achievement and revising our assessment audits for campus RTI processes next school year.

Action Steps:

1. Instructional Specialists - come prepared to work on the assessment audit with your team.

2. Principals - come prepared with thoughts on what types of data views you would like to utilize on your campus and consider inviting other members of your admin. team to join your team on Wednesday.

TLI EOY Data Meeting

June 8th

9:00 - 12:00

Event Center

Connections to ESSA

Assessment Audit

Section 1202 ‘‘(B) ensure that each local educational agency receiving funds under this section—‘‘(i) conducts an audit of local assessments administered by the local educational agency as described in paragraph (4); and ‘‘(ii) submits the results of such audit to the State"

Section 1202 ‘‘(3) USE OF FUNDS .—A subgrant awarded under this subsection to a local educational agency... may be used to ‘‘(A) conduct an audit of local assessments... ‘‘(D) hire instructional coaches... to support teachers in the development of classroom-based assessments, interpreting assessment data, and designing instruction;

Assessment Action Step A5

Section 2224 ‘‘(1) Developing and implementing a comprehensive literacy instruction plan across content areas... ‘‘(2) Training principals, specialized instructional support personnel, school librarians, and other local educational agency personnel to support, develop, administer, and evaluate high quality comprehensive literacy instruction initiatives... ‘‘(5) Forming a school literacy leadership team to help implement, assess, and identify necessary changes to the literacy initiatives

Resources on program evaluation and determining sustainability of programs

Links to resources

Provided for gathering ideas to strengthen program evaluation skills, not necessarily for following step-by-step.

Understanding types of assessments within an RTI framework

Monitoring fidelity in RTI

Guiding questions for analyzing outcome data

Campus Needs Assessment Tool - Reading