Chuck Baird

Famous Deaf Artist

"I no longer paint what people would like to see. I paint for myself. It is about my own experience, my love of ASL and pride in our Deaf heritage. I sometimes create works that have no particular relation to the Deaf."

History of Chuck Baird

Chuck Baird was born deaf on February 22, 1947, in Kansas City. He went to the Kansas School for the Deaf. He went on to attend Gallaudet College and then the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (BFA) in Studio Painting in 1974. He passed away February 10, 2012, in Austin, Texas at the age of 64, after a four-year long battle with cancer.
Chuck Baird became one of the most successful Deaf artists in history, showing how his deafness did not stop him from achieving his dreams.

Interesting Facts

He served as Visual Coordinator for the deaf art colony Spectrum- Focus on Deaf Artist.

At NTD, he is best remembered for his work in "King of Hearts", based on Phillipe de Broca's cult film. In the role of the painter, Baird recreated the entire set each night in front of a live audience.

In 1995, he created a 150 ft. long photographic mural of Deaf history and language for the Learning Center for Deaf Children in Framingham, Ma, for the school's 25th anniversary celebration.

At his Alma Mater, he worked part-time videotaping storytelling in ASL. Videotapes of his work can be bought across the country.

Some of Chuck Baird's Artwork

By: Briley Casserilla

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