Return to the island

Story by:Gloria Whelan flire by:Cherese Atchison


This book takes place in 1818 in michagan during when the indians were going to different territories and the gold rush was starting. Mary is engaged to the prince of england james who is also a painter. She is a best friend to a indian boy her age, when he finds out he is really mad, mary in this book is trying to figure out who to marry. While that is going on mary has events that takes place with her friends / family (who her mom and dad is dead).

The seasons where this book is set in a year are winter, spring,fall. there is a town where mary lives in. Woods and indian territories and lakes are everywhere. there is also pines and lakes mostly covering the whole state.


mary- a girl that has brown hair and that iswanting to be where her friends are. she is brave and has a farm.

mary's brother- has curly hair- not good at farming, was in a fight, a brother that does not want his sister to go into danger.

mary's sister in law- an indian woman that is good at farming, really kind to mary,has dark hair and skin.

white halk- a boy that loves exploring whith mary , has to work with his tribe, has dark hair that is long as mary's sister in law.

james- has white skin and brown hair, always begging mary to marry him, a good painter, a prince

the sisters- they are rich, one stepped on marys dress, has long goldenish hair, has beautiful dresses


i thought the book was a good book.

thank you

thank you for listening to my book report!!