Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 5/15/17

Happy Mother's Day

Enjoy this wonderful Mother's Day message from Seattle Seahawks, and former NC State quarterback for his mother. Truly special.



National Teacher Appreciation Week continues this week for Track 3 teachers. Be on the lookout for special treats from your students.


Global School Model Discussion-Wed., May 17th at 8:00

Our school was recently contacted by the VIF (Visiting International Faculty) group, now known as the "Participate" organization to consider being one of the 5 schools in Wake County to be a Global School Model. You may recall that this is the same organization that arranged for 3rd Grade teacher Katie Gourley (She shared at a recent staff meeting.) to teach at Stough Elementary. I arranged for leaders of "Participate" to meet with several of our staff this past Thursday to hear more about this opportunity. As a follow up, I would like for staff to meet in media center this Wednesday, May 17th at 8:00 to hear more about the Global School Model from staff that attended the meeting. Thank you in advance for adjusting your weekly PLT meeting to one of your common planning periods.

News of Note

EOG training for proctors on Tuesday from 8-8:45. Please be ready to start at 8 so that training can finish by 8:45. Kayla will be available afterward for additional questions. See Kayla for details.

EOG training for teachers who will administer the test is on Thursday, May 18th from 7:45-8:45. Be ready to start at 7:45 so that Kayla can complete training by 8:45. As with proctors, Kayla will be available for questions after 8:45. Due to the importance and state requirement for this training, you will need to make up the training if you do not participate in ALL the training. Thus, the 7:45 start time. See Kayla for details.

Grade 2 Tracks 1 and 3 Love the Earth Concert will be held on Tuesday, May 17th at 1:10. 2nd and Kindergarten will switch their specials period for that day.

Annette Hymel is offering workshops on the Reflector App for your PC on Tuesday, May 16th OR Friday, May 19th at 8:15 in the Makerspace. Please connect with Annette as to which day you plan to attend.

EVAAS Teacher Verification of their class rosters continues this week and is due May 19. Best to have it in earlier so if there are any questions we can hopefully be answer them. Here is an EVAAS Q & A link to help with those unusual scenarios. Be sure that you have connected with specialists for AIG, SpEd, and Intervention if pullout is involved for students.

Annual Rubik’s Cube Tournament will be held this Friday, May 19th from 10:15-11:15. We're anxious to see some great minds at work.

Landscaping Day: PTA and available staff will meet in front of the school for a landscaping day on Saturday, May 20th from 10:30-12:30. Please come join us to spread mulch, and brighten up the school grounds! Bring your rakes, lawn trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.

Power Outage: The power was out on the evening of Thursday, May 11th for approximately 9 hours. If you have a classroom refrigerator or had items in the lounge and workroom refrigerators, please check to see if the food is still fresh. Some refrigerators had defrosted by Friday morning.

End of Year Celebrations: Please email Mrs. Fricke the date and time duration when your class end of year celebration will be held AND what areas you plan to use (classroom, playgrounds, etc...) Let her know if you will need anything from Mr. Ward (trash cans, etc....) and if there will be a need to set up a table for visitor tags/sign up so she can alert the office, as well. Mrs. Fricke will compile a calendar and let you know if there are any areas already "booked." Thanks!!!

Schedules for 2017-18: We are already thinking about schedules for next year. Please let us know if you or your team have any scheduling thoughts that we should consider. It is probable that we will be arranging for 29 classrooms vs. this year's 27.


Duties below are for Track 2 OUT:

  • AM Hallway- Blocker

  • AM Carpool- Fitzgerald (Put out cones to block carpool through-lane at 8:45)

  • AM Breakfast- Ward

  • AM Bus- McEwen (Write down bus arrival times)

  • Lunch- Fitzgerald, Crum, Lavin, Renfrow, DeCain, McEwen, Roberts (if on campus,) Newman, Bednar

  • PM Hallway-Whitley (corral bus students and supervise)

  • PM Carpool- Roberts (if on campus,) Bednar, Perry/Cooper, Crum (Perry- Call car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Roberts/Bednar in the cafeteria, Crum/Cooper (if needed) outside with students/safety patrol.) (Bednar- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria.)

  • PM Bus- 5/15-5/19- Griep, 5/22-5/26-Bredenberg, 5/30-6/2 and 6/5-6/7-VanAntwerp