Mikaela Waters

A Colonial Limner

A Little About Me

When I was little I always wanted to grab a brush and start painting. Good morrow, my name is Mikaela Waters. I am a colonial limner. I live in the Maryland colony. I am 16 years old. It is Sunday and I am going to the meeting house. My back hurts from sleeping on the straw mat up in the attic. Yesterday I planted some delicious corn in my garden. I am still going to school and working very hard. Emma Waters is my cousin. And my wonderful sister Amanda Waters.

As a colonial limner, I make paintings. I make paintings to get money. Since I was a girl, I spent most of my time being an apprentice. I started wondering what it would be like being an artist and actually painting pictures!!!!! So, then I set of on my own and became a colonial limner for my colony. I provide a good. I provide a good because I give my paintings to people in my colony. And I go around and I hang up my paintings in peoples houses. People are very pleased with my paintings when I leave there houses and my painting is hung up on their wall.

I used some tools in my job. For example, one of my tools was called a red sable with was a tipped brush which was used for water color paintings. Another one of my tools was called a color box which was used for securely transporting paintings. When I was a little girl I spent most of my time as an apprentice and I helped an artist carry his color box. Finally I use a pigment which was also used for creating watercolor paintings. Those are some tools that I use.