Anne's Jamtastic Party!

A Jamberry Nails Facebook Event!

Hi Ladies!

My Name is Courtney, and I am a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant! What the heck is Jamberry Nails Wraps? It is the newest way to accessorize your fingers & toes! Get your own unique manicure done without the cost, and say good bye to chipping and fading nail polish! Celebrities are already wearing Jamberrys and have the hottest designs in the fashion world. The nail treatment can be applied in just 15 minutes at home, and with over 200 styles available there are endless possibilities! There are 2-4 Manicures on every sheet, and each sheet only costing $15 (thats basicly a manicure for $5!) . Wraps are created to last 2-3 weeks on Fingers, and 4-6 Weeks on Toes!


Last Chance to Order Valentines Designs & Have Them For Feb 14th!

More Info!

Check out or go to to see the Catalog!


Do Your Shopping Online, (at ) and Click to Check Out! Make sure Courtney Merner is Listed as your consultant, and underneath that, be sure to check "Anne Rybak Party" under Parties! Then simply complete your checkout, and the order will be processed right away!

party will remain open until Friday Feb 8th!

Courtney Merner

Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant