Massachusetts Spy December,17,1773

Boston Tea Party

A brief summary of the events that occured

Yesterday on the date of December,16th,1773 a large group of what appeared to be Native American Indians boarded the three ships the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver.

the '' Indians'' then proceeded to dump all of the tea over board and then swept the decks clean. It is not believed that the men who took place in this event are of Indian decent most of these men appear to have been dressed like Indians to protect their identities.

This will likely spark an already weak relationship between the King and the colonists who probably did this to oppose tax.It is currently unknown who committed these acts of aggression but it is likely the sons of Liberty a group of patriots who are nothing more than common laborers. These people organized this group to defend their rights and undermine British rule. The events leading up to this event were likely the taxes placed on the colonists due to the war debts caused by the French and Indian war.

what this means

This will no doubt lead to problems between the Colonists and King George III in an already heated relationship between both groups the Patriots continue to oppose British rule which in the end could end in a war perhaps a Revolution.