February Trailblazer

Mill Creek

Archery Tournaments

On February 12, 2018, Mill Creek went to the tournament against Madison County and scored 2808. On March 8, 2018, we will go to the tournament against Buckhorn.

Science Fair

The Science Fair was held on February 15th. Grades four through six could enter, but only fifth and sixth graders will continue on to Regionals at U.A.H. A few of the categories you could have chosen from were: Plant Science, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Biochemistry, and Behavioral Science.

6th Grade:

Plant Sciences: 1st Place- Angela Ai

Chemistry: 1st Place- Riya Napadhe, 2nd Place-Kaelin Martin, 3rd Place- Kristin Martin.

Earth and Environmental Science: 1st Place-Keerthan Singireedy

Biochemistry: 1st Place- Rishi Patel

Physics: Honorable Mention- Kennedy Williams

Behavioral: 1st Place- Grace Hur, 2nd Place- Neharika Koppeendi, 3rd Place- Nivvi Eadala

5th Grade:

Physics: 1st Place- Mac Jones, 2nd Place- Eugene Park, Hannah Park,Rhianna Whitehorn, Reese Freeman, and Alex Povorozniuc with a five way tie, 3rd Place- Emma Titsworth and Gracie Spencer.

Behavioral Science:1st place- Max Bell, 2nd Place- Samantha Adkins

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Science Fair this Year.

Mill Creek Science Olympiad

Congratulations to Mill Creek’s Science Olympiad team that competed in the ESO for the first time on February 24th! They won medals in 9 events:

1st Place:

Food for Thought - Keerthan & Alex

Super Sleuths - Riya & Rishi

2nd Place:

Calculator Contest - Sahithi & Riya

3rd Place:

Geometrics - Angela & Eugene

4th Place:

Going Green - Shriya & Grace

Crash Landing - Emma & Hannah

5th Place:

Triple Play - Grace, Reese, & Emma

Space Invaders - Alex & Keerthan

Infographics - Angela & Eugene

6th Place:

Weather or Not - Sahithi & Alex

The team has been practicing every week since January, and it was all worth it - everyone did awesome!!!!

Scholar's Bowl

Most people don’t know what Scholar’s Bowl is. Scholar’s Bowl is a trivia club that most of you would think is similar to Jeopardy. It has similarities like it uses buzzers and you answer trivia questions. A game of Scholar’s Bowl consists of three rounds with twenty questions in each round. The first round is made up of toss-up questions with bonus questions if you get the first question right.The second round is a worksheet that you have to complete as much as possible in two minutes. The third round is the lighting round where you answer toss-up questions with no bonus questions. Scholars Bowl is lots of fun. You should try it!

Half Day, House Day

Recently on the half day on Friday, we had another house day! This time, we talked about bullying. Bullying is very serious and if someone is bullying you, tell an adult you trust. We also met our house cousins! This was also very exciting and we got to interact with more people not just in the same house. Hopefully, we can meet our house cousins again!

Black History Month

Do you know what Black History Month is? Well, first of all, it's in the month of February. This month is dedicated to black history! Here's a little rap to remember a few important African Americans:" Harriet Tubman led slaves to freedom. Did you know that African Americans weren't allowed to got to all schools? Many fought for this, including Thurgood Marshall. Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Martin Luther King Jr. were activists and fought for rights and equality. All of these people changed the world and were really brave, so let's remember a few today!" I hope that you learned a few things today.

The Amazing Shake Competition

On February 9-11, 4 Mill Creek Students traveled to The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia to participate in the 1st National Amazing Shake Competition! Natalie Meder, Mac Jones, Parker Wrobel, and Hannah Bruce were givien this amazing opportunity. The Amazing Shake tests confidence, poise under pressure, and charisma. The contestants even got 1-on-1 training with Mr. Clark! In the end, 7th grader, Keenan Andrews from Ron Clark Academy became the first National Amazing Shake winner! Congratulations to everybody that participated in this competition!

The Liberty Tour!!

On February 22nd and February 27th, 5th and 6th grades went to Liberty! We learned about what electives we could choose from ,honors, and other clubs to choose from. Liberty will be an exciting new adventure!

Book Fair Trivia

Question: How old would Dr. Seuss be on his birthday this year? His birthday is March 2nd. Answer using the link below. Everyone who answers will be put into a drawing for a book fair $5 gift certificate!