Jessica Lopez

My Career

Cosmetology is a career with many opportunities. They not only cut hair , but they also do manicure, pedicure, facials, relaxers etc. Some Cosmetologist do not like doing every task because they are not comfortable, so they only pick a few to major in. Cosmetologist are qualified to have specific amount of hour in school depending on the state. In Illinois one must have 1500 hours in order to be certified to become a Cosmetologist

What We Do

Barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists typically do the following:

  • Inspect hair, face, and scalp, to recommend treatment
  • Discuss hairstyle options
  • Wash, color, and condition hair
  • Cut or trim, dry, and style hair
  • Receive payments from clients
  • Clean and sanitize all tools and work areas


  • Pivot Point
  • Mario Tricoci
  • Empire

Similar Occupations

Manicurist / Pedicurist: Clean, Shape, and Beautify fingernails and toenails

Skincare Specialist: Cleanse and beautify the face and body to enhance a person's appearance

-Cosmetologist are able to work in a spa, but they have to go to school a little longer

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