Humphry Davy

December 17, 1778- May 29, 1829


English chemist and inventor, who is best remembered today for his discoveries of several alkali and alkaline earth metals, he discovered Barium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, and Boron. He was also know for his contributions to the discoveries of chlorine and iodine, in 1815 he invented the Davy lamp


he took a position at Thomas Beddoes’s Pneumatic Institution, where the use of the newly discovered gases in the cure and prevention of disease was investigated.

Early life

Humphry had a cousin and brother that were also chemists. Humphrey was born in December 17, 1778 in Penzanca, Cornwall to middle-class parents. He was well educated, but he was also intelligent.

When Davy was 16 his father died, he wanted a career in the medicine field and his best friend was Davies Gilbert, Gilbert served as a major influence on Davy's life of science