March Update

Pre-Kindergarten - Week 10

This week's lesson:

This week we will be starting a new lesson in our classroom! We are now going to begin learning about the different heights and lengths of the people and objects in the world around us! Your child will be learning some new vocabulary words such as "tall" and "short". There will not be much written homework for your child to do outside of the classroom, but it would be a great idea and exercise to practice using the vocabulary words: tall,taller, short and shorter at home or when out exploring the town! We will also be introducing the butterfly life cycle in preparation for our field trip to the science museum!

Classroom activities this week:

There will be a lot of group work this week and am excited to see everyone grow in their vocabulary through some exciting group activities we have planned! During workstations there will be opportunities for your child to draw what their families look like and excercise their vocabulary through labeling their own family members by height. Also, there will be many opportunities for your child to assist me in seating or lining up their fellow classmates by height during circle time.


If there are any books about people or objects and their heights your child is interested in, and wants to share them with the class they are very welcomed for "show-and-tell" this Friday! This week will be filled with a lot of new words, but your child will be given many opportunities to exercise these new words through exciting activities, exploring readings and interaction with their fellow classmates.


During our science time together we will be studying the stages of the butterfly life cycle in preparation for our field trip to the science museum. we will be learning the names of the different stages as well as what occurs in each one. The stages of the butterfly life cycle will be introduced during our circle time this Wednesday, and we will have cutting, pasting and labeling activities to excercise our new knowledge during workstation time!


Next week we will move onto learning about the different lengths of people and

objects. I am excited to see all of these wonderful minds grow! Also, let us not forget

about our exciting field trip to the science museum in two weeks! Please remember to

sign and return permission slips by the end of next week. This will ensure your

student's position on the trip. I hope you have a wonderful week and please do not

hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!

Vocabulary of the week!

These are the vocabulary words to work on this week:

  • Tall, Taller

  • Short, Shorter
Life Cycle of a Butterfly