Newsletter - January, 2013


December TeamOwlStories Stats

TeamOwlStories is certainly Dreaming BIG! Take a look at these numbers. December was a very strong month for us. Typically December starts to slack off, but you all held your ground and busted through with some NICE sales! Our Team had over $7,200 in PV! Congratulations! You are AMAZING!

First Line Designer PV

1. Carrie Browning 1,786.90

2. Brittany Gould 1,122.50

3. Michelle Graff 1,032.00

4. Caroline Renne 662.15

5. Jacquelyn Desonier 592.30

6. Caprice Tenney 473.00

7. Juliet Wong 24.50

8. April Cunningham 10.00

Second Line Designer PV

1. Nanett Kelly $ 217.35

2. Pamela White 174.60

Total Downline PV

$ 5,703.35

Total Team PV

$ 7,248.60

Estimated Team Sales

$ 12,080*

*Estimated based on 40% average commission

Connie Johnston - PV $ 573 Sales $ 922

10 Steps to Building A Hugely Successful Business

By Jill McCarthy

1. It starts here…BELIEVE

Believe in Yourself, in your Leaders, our Founders, our Products and our Mission; DEFY EXPECTATIONS & INSPIRE OTHERS And remember to STAY PLUGGED IN!!!

If you haven't reached out to your Leader this month please do so RIGHT NOW!!!

2. FOLLOW the system

Visit the resources in our BO, use the tools, our resources on our page, have jewelry bars, plug into your Leaders, get everyone on a 3 way call. They work!

3. DO revenue generating activities

Pass out cards and get drawing slips filled out, get phone numbers, prospect, reach out to others. Follow up, get that slip info into your contact manager. Get that newsletter in front of people's faces every single month.

4. Plug into your Leaders

As a Leader, we want to hear from you. Know when you’re ready to run and use us! We aren’t going to chase you down though…call when you are ready!

5. Release the fear of NO!

Get used to hearing no, remember it’s not you they are saying no to. No just means NOT RIGHT NOW. Don't give up on the no's. Just keep giving them more tools. They may come around later!

PLUS…The more NO'S you get, the more YES'S you will get to!

6. PROMOTE the Opportunity and Creating Stories.

We are not selling anything...DO NOT sell…SHARE. Facts tell, and stories sell. Facebook is a GREAT tool but remember to keep it real, share stories, how you are feeling about your business and what it is bringing to your life. Remember the 20/80 rule. Post 20% Origami Owl, and 80% about your life, family, etc.

Are you even doing 20%? If not, GET STARTED as it works! If you constantly push your business, people tend to shy away. Talk to people and build relationships. Send thank you cards to every guest and every order.

7. Recognize the entire world is your contact list

Write your Friends & Family list, but also think outside the box. I will be posting a new memory jogger just for you to get ideas of who to talk to – FABULOUS resource! Believe that everyone you meet is a possible customer, or designer. Think of talking to people like a cake server at a wedding. A cake server goes to every person and asks if they would like cake. They get plenty of no's, but just because people say no, doesn't mean, they don't ask the next person.

8. Treat your business like a business.

A great book to read that aligns with this message is "The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson". I highly recommend this book! Do not treat this business as a hobby…you made an investment in a business not a bunch of products! Block out times in the day to work your business, but also block out errands, family time, things you do on a daily basis.

9. Visualize it!


See yourself "as an Origami Owl Director" go print up the Compensation Plan and Circle the Director Level and write above it, I LOVE BEING A DIRECTOR!! Dream it, breathe it! Make a Vision Board, put photo’s on it, goals, etc. You need to have a roadmap to success. Know where you want to go. Use post-it notes to write "I am ____? I am _____ I am _____, whatever your goal may be.

10. LIVE Origami Owl.

Wear our Origami Owl Wear.

Don't be selfish, This is too good not to share with people.

Be ready to talk/share the Opportunity.

Designer Spotlight - Caroline Renne

I met Caroline this summer at a Relay for Life Origami Owl Fundraiser Party spearheaded by her sister. Caroline was quiet and reserved and seemed to be the shy one in the crowd. But to my surprise, she must be the "life of the Origami Owl parties" because she has rocked her sales since joining TeamOwlStories in September. Caroline, like some of you, spent weeks on the waiting list, but she wasted no time with getting her business in order.

One thing that impresses me about Caroline is her marketing efforts on her Facebook fan page. She engages with her audience and follows the 80/20 approach. The 80/20 approach is where you post 80% fun/informative content and 20% product/sales content. (If you constantly bombard your fans with sales and product promotion, you're spamming.) And she is consistent with posts 2 to 3 times per day, nearly every day. It's textbook FB marketing and she has it mastered.

At only three months as a Designer, Caroline shared the Origami Owl opportunity with her friend Pamela White. Caroline has been asking great questions and seems to be enjoying her new responsibilities as Mentor. Caroline is also passionate about carrying out the O2 Mission by sharing O2 through many Fundraising projects. It is evident that Caroline has a good heart and her efforts will certainly be paid back to her two-fold.

Caroline just resigned the position of Art Teacher at Braxton County High School to follow her heart and her fiance to northern Pennsylvania. She enjoys arts and crafts and also has her own Etsy shop called crennedesigns. Be sure to send her a message and cheer her on while she reestablishes herself in a new town. We expect great things in the coming months as she shares Origami Owl products and opportunities with her new friends, neighbors and community.

Best of luck Caroline! Thank you for choosing TeamOwlStories! We are honored to have you!