The Flying Dutchman

A bit of history

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. The myth is likely to have originated from 17th-century nautical folklore. The oldest extant version dates to the late 18th century. Sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries reported the ship to be glowing with ghostly light. If hailed by another ship, the crew of the Flying Dutchman will try to send messages to land, or to people long dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship is a portent of doom.


Legend has it that in the 1700s the Dutch captain Philip van der Decca (or in some versions Van Straaten) returning from the East Indies, and was carrying on board of a young couple. Captain liked the girl; he killed her boyfriend, and she made an offer to become his wife, but she jumped overboard. When you try to go around the Cape of Good Hope ship caught in a heavy storm. Among the superstitious sailors began discontent and co-driver offered to wait out bad weather in some cove, but the captain shot him and a few malcontents, and then swore bones of his mother, that none of the teams did not come down to the shore as long as they do not go around the Cape, even if it takes an eternity. This Van der Decca, reputed terrible profanity and blasphemer, incurred the curse of his ship. Now he is immortal, invulnerable, but unable to go ashore, doomed to surf the waves of the ocean world until the second coming. Although, in some versions, he has a chance to find peace: every ten years Van der Decca can return to the ground and try to find one that voluntarily agree to become his wife. According to another version, there is a magical word that can lift the curse and upokoit "The Flying Dutchman" and its crew.