English Language Arts

Week 12

Independent Reading

Students need 8 independent reading points by the end of October (for a total of 19 so far this year). These points can be earned by taking AR quizzes or completing lessons on Reading Plus. For more information click here.

Alliance Theater Field Trip

Homeroom teachers sent home a permission slip 1-2 weeks ago for an excellent and free field trip for all 6th graders. Students will be going to the Alliance Theater during the school day on 11/3 to enjoy a play designed just for them! More information, including a permission slip, can be found here. Please be sure to return the permission slip to your child's homeroom teacher by 10/30 so they don't miss out!

Students Going to Williamsburg

Students who are going on the Williamsburg field trip will be missing three days of school. These students will get a packet early next week to complete and turn in on Monday, 11/9. This packet is primarily reading that we will be doing in class while they are out. I recommend that students bring the packet to read on the long bus ride! A digital copy can be found on my website or by clicking here.

Breast Cancer Faculty Breakfast

We would like to celebrate a successful month of fundraising and honor our own cancer survivors with a faculty breakfast on October 28th.

We plan to have a breakfast at each location. If you are able to donate money and/or items mentioned for the breakfast, please give them to Ms. Kearns (room 306).

If you are able to donate money, please send/bring it in by Tuesday, October 27th. Any left over money will be added to what we raise throughout the month and donated to Piedmont Cancer Wellness Fund.

You have been invited by Cathryn Kearns to sign up for "Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breakfast." Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

Sign Up

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 23rd:

Real Men Wear Pink! Everyone wears pink!

Breast Cancer items for sale- $1-5 each

October 30th:

Student Donations of $2 = can wear pajamas, or $2 to wear a hat, or $4 for BOTH!

Real Men Wear Pink! Everyone wears pink!

Breast Cancer items for sale- $1-5 each

Students are not permitted to wear costumes or masks to school.

2nd Annual 8th Grade Career Fair

Please consider spotlighting your career for our 8th graders! More information can be found here.

Coming Soon...

We will beginning our new unit next week! We will be writing the argumentative research essay and mastering the following concepts:

· Claims/counterclaims

· Pros/cons

· 5 Ws and 1 H

· Context clues

· Annotations

· Inferences

· Connotations

· Figurative language

· Point of view

· Compare and contrast

· Quotation marks/dialogue

· Sentence structure

· Sequencing

· Tone

· Pronouns (more in-depth)

Next week, we will tackle point of view, inferences, context clues, and complete the research portion of our argumentative research essay.