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- How to draw up a training program

The explanation is simple - get used, the muscles will not be able to forget the movement. If based on the fact that a huge number of athletes during training uses the same exercise, the adaptation will face everything.
In addition, the athlete will not be able to change much any movement, because it will change, or the number of repetitions, or the weight of the projectile. However, and in spite of this, any athlete can simply change the sequence of proper exercise, because during training an athlete can perform 15 different exercises on the mind

How to draw up a training program - The program for beginners, barely surpassing the room, his occupation often start with a jump from one to another split, not allowing your body to feel the positive and negative sides of the same or a different program.

In order to move forward and stagnate at the same place, you need to plan training and subsequently act on it; otherwise you will not be able to understand which of these programs brings greater effect

How is it that properly account for personal trainers training program? Any novice, first visiting the hall in the course of employment trying to believe in any miracle program and secret training methods, as is the belief in the magic pill. To be honest, this is nonsense. Anyone who really wants to achieve the desired result, he must work hard on you.