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January 15, 2021

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Awards Assembly

Today was the 2nd quarter awards assembly. I am not surprised but always impressed by all the students who have stayed focused, worked hard, showed up every day and keep learning. Go Eagles!

2nd Quarter Report Cards Have Been Sent

2nd Quarter report cards have been emailed to parents and guardians today. Please take a moment to look over your child's progress report and encourage them. You will want to print them for your records as this link only active for two weeks. If you would like to receive a printed copy from the school just contact the school office and one can be prepared for your.

Progress Report Symbols


I - Achieves objectives and performs skills independently

P - Progressing toward achieving objectives and skills

NT - Needs more time to develop

( ) - Not addressed in this marking period

Grades 1-2

E - Excellent work

S - Satisfactory Work

N - Need for improvement

Grades 3-8

A - Superior work

B - Above average work

C - Average work

D - Below average work

F - Unsatisfactory work

Gymnasium Beam Signing

Thursday each student had the opportunity to put their mark on what will be out gymnasium. We recognize the efforts that each student has made helping KAES build this building. I hope that each student will remember this day every time they walk through the door of our new structure.
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School Picture Retakes January 20.

This Wednesday January 20, 2021 will be school picture retakes. All students will not be required to have their pictures taken. If you would like your child to get retakes please let your teacher know. New students, and students who missed pictures in the fall will get pictures. Students need to wear their chapel uniform. We will still have spring pictures that are optional and school uniform will not be required.

Staff Training February 1 & 2 (No School)

KAES will have a teacher training on February 1 & 2, 2021. This training was scheduled for three days however due to the snow day this past Monday we are needing to start school on Wednesday. Our hope is not to have to add days at the end of our year and meet all required days. If you have already made plans to be away on Feb. 3 please let the school know. We are sorry for this late change to our schedule.

No School Monday (Martian Luther King Holiday)

Please note that we will not have school Monday, January 18 because of the Martian Luther King Holiday. Have a great long weekend.

We have listed the lunch menu for the entire month of January. In addition, you are now able to order ahead of time for the entire month. There is a separate lunch order link available for each week of the month. All weekly links are available on the menu at and each individual week will be shared in the newsletter. It is our hope that this will provide an easier way for you to keep track of lunches purchased.

You can edit your order at any time. If you need to make a change to your order, please do it through the confirmation email you receive from your order. This will help us not to double order for your child.

Important Dates To Remember


Jan. 18 - Martian Luther King Holiday (no school)

Jan. 20 - School Picture Retakes

Jan. 27 - 100th Day of School

Feb. 1&2 - Teacher Training (no school)

Feb. 5 - Middle School Community Outreach


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