The Battle of Marathon

King Darius

"My loyal subjects, we are now prepared for the war against the puny Greeks! They will be hardly a challenge for this large army of mine!" King Darius had said, gesturing to his army. "I would be surprised if they could even hold us of for a mere hour! Now we must conquer Greece, then the world! Soon, it will all be mine, hahaha!" King Darius cackled.

Greeks Who Refused to Hand Over Tribute

"You think that we're going to give tribute to the Persians, than you're WRONG!" A Greek man yelled at a Persian messenger. "You think we're going to give up our independence because some Persian King? I don't think so!" The two Greek men both threw the messenger into a well and laughed, "If you want land and water, help yourself!!"


"My fellow Greeks, we must fight against the Persians to protect out independence! If Persia wins, we all be slaves for the Persian Empire, then all of Europe will be at stake. The Persian King wants to use Greece as a gateway to conquering Europe!"


"I have came from Marathon to ask for your assistance against the terrible brutes of Persia!" The Spartans replied, "We are celebrating a festival, and cannot come to aid you in this battle. It would be bad luck to leave before the next full moon!" "Then we shall fight... alone!"

Athenien Army

"Fighting in this battle is like walking towards our deaths!" Another Athenien then replied, "But it is worth it for our freedom!"