Here is "Smore" Info for You!

Another 2 Week Deadline Has Passed

As of Today, April 22, 2014, All Students Have Now Moved Into the Los Deportes Module.

Now that Los Deportes (The Sports) Vocabulary is going to be their target vocabulary, maybe those who are currently playing a sport would be interested in sharing a picture that shows them in their uniforms in a background featuring their sports' field, court, or course (for golf).

Then, if parents would let me know that it is o.k. to publish them on the next Smore, I would very much like to do that. It would be best if the format were .jpg because that is the format on which Smore's insist.

One of the key items in the Los Deportes module is the inclusion of 10 verbs whose forms must be memorized, since they do not follow the pattern of regular verbs. For example, in English, a regular verb adds - ed to become past tense: walked, worked, talked, listened, etc. Irregular verbs in English can't add - ed and sound or be correct in proper English:
ran, ate, saw, went, etc.

These 10 verbs just need to be memorized, since we don't have the luxury of time to learn them by use. Please encourage your student to practice these verbs, adding a reminder that there is a Quizlet to help with their study. It is on the Homepage.

How to Study for the Final Exam ( Which will be given on May 7 and / or 8, 2014.)

This information is also on the Homepage, and is being repeated here just to be sure that it reaches everyone. These study tips are not the only way to study, but I feel that they are an organized way to re-process information, especially about the grammar.

Hopefully, studying this way will keep you from feeling like the cartoon student in the picture!

There are 5 steps to this process. Here are the first two:

Parte 1:

1. Go back through each module, and, taking notes as you go, review each presentation.
Ask yourself: What are they trying to show me that is different from English and important in Spanish?

Remember that you can stop and start the presentations in order to get your notes taken.

Parte 2:

2. Go back to your quizzes. Look over your answers, and compare them with what the presentation taught / showed you) / (was attempting to teach / show you). Ask yourself: What was I expected to know / know how to do?

Don't forget to take notes - you will need to review this information at least once more.

Gracias for Reading this Communication.

There will be one more Smore after this one. I truly appreciate your reading these, and
also appreciate your support - whether from Spanish 1A and 1B together - or just from 1B.
These students should be so proud of performing well in a challenging high school class.

I continue to welcome your contacts with your questions and concerns.

(Don't forget to check your student's grades, since they are now updated.)

Sra. Boleman