World Peace

Together we can all create

What is world peace ?

World peace when all nations and all around the world share a sense of peace, freedom, and happiness as one together. A place where people can feel more safer, hope, and people can depend one another.

Why does it matter?

Look around you. Everyday we are surrounded by news of violence, war, poverty, hunger. People are dyeing, are homeless, dealing loss of a loved one, and so many terrible things I cannot mention. This is not a place for a person or child or anyone to live in a world like this. I believe that together as a world we can work to help each other out through situations and we can learn so many new things. Most importantly, we can create a brighter future.

What can I do to help?

You don't have to donate millions of dollars or work to help build houses for homeless families (though that would awesome...). But you can start by, for example, help carry bags for somebody, smile to a stranger, surprise somebody with a gift. Because by doing these small but meaningful things, we are more closer to world peace.