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Friday, September 16, 2016

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Monday, September 19

  • 10 AM-A Team Mtg.
  • 3:00-4:15 PM-Destination Imagination Club-Ms. Fidero's Rm.
  • 3:15-4:15 PM-Basketball Club-Gym
  • 4:00 PM-STEMLT
  • 5:30 PM-Title I Technology-Mini Lab

Tuesday, September 20

  • Complete Data Protocol Due 9/27
  • SST
  • 3:15 PM-Vertical Team

Wednesday, September 21

  • CogAT (Grades 1,2,5)
  • HOST (K-5)
  • 9 AM-Boys Scouts classroom Visits
  • 2:20 PM-Character Ed. Popsicle Party-Cafe
  • 2:45-4:45 PM-Cheer club-GYM
  • 2:45 PM-Mentee Mtg.
  • 3:10 PM-Sparkles Dance club-Cafe
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-Independence Musical Practice-Ms. Barnes/Chorus Rm.

Thursday, September 22

  • CogAT (Grades 1,2,5)
  • HOST (K-5)
  • 7-7:45 AM-STEM Club
  • 7-9 PM-Boys Scouts Registration Night-Cafeteria

Friday, September 23

  • CogAT (Grades 1,2,5)
  • Spirit Day
  • GRITS and GAB
  • Teacher Talks
  • Chorus (Grades 3-5)
  • 7-7:45 AM-Spanish Club
  • 7-7:45 AM-Patriot Page-Web design Club (5th Grade Only)
  • BES Readiness Program

Saturday, September 17

  • 9:30-11:30 AM-Reading is Fun


Monday, September 26

  • CogAT (Grades 1,2,5)
  • Lifetouch Fall Pictures
  • 8:30 AM-Local School Council Mtg.
  • 10 AM-A Team Mtg.
  • 2:35 PM-BUILT
  • 3:00-4:15 PM-Destination Imagination Club-Ms. Fidero's Rm.
  • 3:15-4:15 PM-Basketball Club-Gym
Tuesday, September 27

  • CogAT (Grades 1,2,5)
  • SST
  • 3:15 PM-Data Conversations
Wednesday, September 28
  • Early Release/12 Noon Dismissal/Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • No Lunch Visitors
  • 7-7:45 AM-Student Council
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-Independence Musical Practice-Ms. Barnes/Chorus Rm.
Thursday, September 29
  • Early Release/12 Noon Dismissal/Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • No Lunch Visitors
  • Sam's Club Dluth Onsite-Front Conference Rm.
Friday, September 30
  • Spirit Day
  • GRITS and GAB
  • Teacher Talks
  • Chorus (Grades 3-5)
  • 7-7:45 AM-Spanish Club
  • BES Readiness Program
  • Chase the Buses!

What do I need for data conversations?

Benchmark Database Completed:

  • All August/Pre sections that apply, SPG- Pre (If applies)
  • Access 2016 if applies
  • Milestone 2016 if applies

Data Protocol completed before arriving to Data Conversations

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Classroom and Instructional Quick Check: Just the Basics

  • My hallway work is labeled with the standard or I Can statement
  • I have EQ and I Can statements posted in my classroom and they are informing my instruction
  • Our class is referring to the EQ and I Can before, during, and after learning
  • My schedule is posted in the hallway
  • I am following my lesson plan
  • I am starting my day with a meaningful ticket in the door for my students

Take away from our Principal Guide: Lucy Calkins

  • I am not an expert in teaching writing. I am learning as I am going through each session.
  • My children are writing the dates every day in their writing journal
  • My minilessons are 10 minutes and I am the only one doing the talking; students are not talking
  • Our grade level has set publishing dates to celebrate our writing after 5 weeks of a unit
  • Our grade level is in sync with our writing lessons and publishing celebrations
  • My students are not going to grasp every session and that is ok because the concepts spiral through each Unit of Study

Grades 3-5: How is your student work measuring up?

In order to ensure our students are performing at the proficient/distinguished level do the following:

  • Collect student work
  • Identify the standard on the Achievement Level Descriptor (ALD)
  • Align the student work with the level
  • Is the work Proficient or Distinguished?
  • If not, how can you align the work to match?
  • If it’s proficient, how can you get your students to Distinguished?

Try this with your CLT. Great agenda topic! Aligning student work with ALDs!

Instructional Rounds with Mr. Hunter resumes September 20 at 10:30-12:30. 3rd Grade will be our first grade level selected and the subject area will beLiteracy. As administrators, we have seen great benefits to instructional rounds and we would like to continue them on Mondays during our admin meetings. We are soliciting volunteers for the month of September. Email Pam if you would like priceless feedback “off the record”. This is strictly for learning and growing through feedback.

Mr. Hunter has asked us to provide him with our CLT dates, so I am guessing he would love to stop by one of these days. As you are planning for CLT/HOST, please use our CLT booklet and our LSPI to plan.

On September 12 the Gallup Engagement Q12 link will be coming through your email. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL. We would like 100% participation on this survey. Remember, when you take the Gallup Survey you need to remember to think about the whole staff and school. This isNOT an administration survey. Gallup is all about thinking about what’s going RIGHT with people at work, not what’s going WRONG.

our promise to our students:

Consistent teaching and learning for every student, in every classroom, every day!

GTES: Please remember the planning phase was due August 30. If you have questions, please ask your administrator.

We are announcing that the GTES window will be open on September 6 for briefs (teachers on full plans) and formatives (teachers on modified plans).

Based on walkthroughs so far, here are some reminders:

  • My EQ and I can statements are aligned to standards, instruction, and student work and posted.
  • My instruction matches my lesson plans. We are noticing amazing lesson plans, however we will not impact our students if we are not delivering them. If you are testing, be sure you have testing in your lesson plan.
  • I am mindful of the time and my schedule. 15 minutes off schedule equals 1 hr. 15 minutes lost instructional time per week.
  • My class is transitioning quickly throughout the day. Tight transitions=maximizing instructional time.
  • I include my small groups in my plans.


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Discussion Boards and Safari Montage

This week’s student usage of eCLASS C&I is well below the elementary school average for the county. Discussion boards are a great way to get your kids writing and to get them using your eCLASS page! Adding a resource from Safari Montage can make it even more exciting. Safari Montage is an amazing repository of great digital resources including video, visual, and auditory files. Check out the PDF directions for combining Safari with Discussion Boards!

Please avoid sending instructional ideas through email

If you are sharing lessons, ideas, instructional needs, etc. please post them either on your grade level eclass page or community page. This clogs up the Lotus notes memory and we have set up places for you to collaborate. Thanks!

100% handbook signatures

Please keep trying to get to 100% as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

bethesda expectations review:

As you are setting up your classroom, procedures, and expectations, we wanted to provide an ongoing checklist reminder for you to double check. Please reflect on the following:

  • I am posting Essential Questions AND I Can Statements
  • I have a word wall set up as a best practice for writing workshop for my students to use
  • If you are not sure about implementing a word wall or its relevance, please speak with your coach
  • I am following grade level lesson plans and adapting them to meet the needs of my students.
  • I am referring to the Analyzing the Standards document for Math and ELA when I am writing lesson plans (as this applies to your role on your team)
  • Grades 3-5: I am referring to the Achievement Level Descriptors when I am writing lesson plans (as this applies to your role on your team)
  • The lesson plans I am using to teach is following the SEATS format.

Lesson Plans (S.E.A.T.S.)

  • Standards, Essential Questions and ‘I Can’ Statement, Activator, Teaching Strategies,
  • Summarizing
  • Differentiate based on student needs
  • Small Groups
  • Be prepared with all materials
  • I have a Quality Plus Teaching poster posted in my classroom. If you teach in your room, you will need one. Contact Yolanda if you don’t asap.
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bike ms atlanta peach ride

Don't forget to sign in for the Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride in the mail room. This is a great opportunity to volunteer and be part of a great cause!! TODAY is the Last Day to Register

reading is fun again needs you!!

Hi! We need you! Yes, you! We are hosting Reading is Fun Again this year to help build reading morale with students in third, fourth and fifth grade. We are always in need of volunteers that will come work with our students during this time. The more volunteers we have, the more students we can have. We will meet for 2 hours on the specific dates listed in the link below.

During this time, students enjoy a read aloud, read independently, write a response, share their reading adventures with their group all while enjoying a snack. If this is something that sounds fun to you, please sign up by clicking the link below for a Saturday full of fun! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Marie, Heather, Shannon and Sandy

reading is fun with finnegan volunteer form

If you are interested or know of someone outside of the school who would love to volunteer open the flyer below (give this to Yolanda) and return to Yolanda by Monday September 12. Don’t miss out on the fun!

bethesda es spirit wear from corporate specialty insignia (csi)

If you are interested in ordering an item from CSI please make acheck (Only checks please) to Corporate Specialty Insignia and put it in a envelop along with the order form, write Corporate Insignia on the envelop and give it to Chris McGee. Thank you

bethesda's postcards

We have placed postcards in a basket on top of the Form Organizer in the mailroom. Help yourself if you would like to send postcards to your students throughout the year. You are welcome to stop by Ms. Lanuza's office to pick up stamps. If you see we are low or out of postcards please let her know and she will fill up the basket again!

we are listening!

Please continue to share your perception of our school. Is it really anonymous? YES IT IS! Since it is anonymous, we really can’t follow up when we don’t know specific situations (who, what, when, where, etc.). If you post something and want results, please be as specific as you can, otherwise the situation will continue. Remember, you can come and talk to any of us in confidence. We are here for you and genuinely want the best work environment.

Just like relationships, positive school climate takes work…hard work…we all want the same thing, so let’s work together to get there. Share your thoughts here Click Here to Open or face to face (always best way to communicate).

Staff Birthdays

Saturday, September 24

  • Amy Belcher

Sunday, September 25

  • Shannon Melton
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