Science Brochure


The Washington-Oregon

The Washington-Oregon is located in Washington, OG. It is also well known as one one of the Convergent Boundaries, located on the coastline of the United States. A convergent boundary is when two plates move towards one another and collides, hitting each other. A subduction zone forms at a convergent plate boundary. A few effects of a convergent boundary could be an earthquake or a volcanic eruption a few 100 miles from the coastline. The Washington- Oregon is other than that a VERY interesting place to visit and explore
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San Francisco (Transform Boundary)

San Francisco is located in California and is a Transform Boundary. A transform boundary is when two plates slides horizontally past each other. One thing you probably didn't know about San Francisco is that decades ago in 1906, a major earthquake in San Francisco had occurred and destroyed 3 quarters of the city. That was 110 years ago and can most likely happen again. It will be so big that people will feel it on the East Coast. Other than that though, it is a nice and beautiful place to visit sometimes and learn more about they city's history and facts about earthquakes.
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The Eastern African Rift Valley (Divergent Boundary)

The Eastern African Rift Valley is located in East Africa. The E.A.R.V is a Divergent Boundary and an active continental rift zone. A divergent boundary is where the plates are sliding away/opposite from each other. The Eastern African Rift Valley began developing around the onset of the Miocene from 22 to 25 million years ago. It's a nice and pretty place to explore and hike around.
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Easter Island (Hotspot)

Easter Island is located in Valparaiso Region, Chile. It also well know as a tectonic hotspot. A tectonic hotspot is when magma rises from deep in the Earth cracks to erupt and form volcanoes. Easter Island's last eruption was 100,000 years ago BUT in the first half of the 20th century, supposedly steam wa reported coming out of the Rano Kau crater wall. No need to be worried about that right now though. Easter Island is amazing! There are many, many things to learn and explore! Their statues have a lot of history behind them and the Island itself is legendary.
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  1. We are taking an Airplane ride all the way to Washington, OG. Airplane ticket will cost no more than $200 to $300. We will spend up to 2 days there and then rent a car.
  2. We are taking our rented car and driving to San Francisco, CA. At San Francisco we will, we will explore and have fun. The limit of days we will be in San Francisco will be 3 days. We will then return our car to a shop
  3. We are taking a Cruise to Easter Island, Chile! It will cost no more than $200 dollars. and we can spend only a day or 2 to learn and explore.
  4. We will then head back into San Francisco and take another airplane ride to The Eastern African Rift Valley. We will spend 2 days their and head back into Orlando and rest up