Who wants to THRIVE???

Who Wants a 3 day Trial packs

I have twenty 3 day trials ready to ship

Hey there,

I am so excited for the next 10 days I am giving away 20 FREE 3 day trials to any promoter or customer who orders a 8 week experience or promoter pack from me. If you were on the fence before and still have questions message me. I am hosting a call with my 200K upline on Monday and she will have a special treat at the end of the call...so email me if you can be on the call and I will send you the info...plus start promoting today and I will give the first promoter who gets a qualified promoter a AWESOME gift!!! Login to your LeVel account today and get yours ordered then email me and I will get yours out to you in the mail. I have all three flavors of the shakes!!! PLUS Thrive K for the kids :)

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