Robert Liparulo


Zander King's mother is pulled into another dimension and is lost there. Zander goes there and tries to find his mother. The mom has left clues from where she's been at. When he gets back to the real world his dad is being arrested for trespassing.There's guard everywhere.They try to free him but, it's not going to be easy. Will they ever find Zander's mother or will she be lost forever?


The mother was taken by someone or something to another world. Zander and his siblings are trying to get her back but, they can't find her and have no idea where she is and if and when she's coming back home


Zander King- A boy who is the oldest of the kids and is looking for his lost mother

Dad - Father to Zander, Victoria, and thier brother. Also has been recently arrested

Mom - Mother to Zander, Victoria and their brother also. She's also lost in another world.

Police Officers- People who arrested the dad

Sister and Brother - Zander's younger siblings