EOY Narrative 15-16 J. Sanders

Parkway South Middle Library

One of the things I am most proud of this year is...

getting students coding at South Middle. To begin with, I created a Smore flyer to advertise Hour of Code. All 6th grade students were given two class periods in the library to work on coding activities accessed through the SMORE flyer.


All students viewed a video about the importance of knowing how to code in today's world. The message of the video was that coding is a superpower.


All 7th and 8th grade students were given the opportunity to code during their library visits Hour of Code week. I launched Google's CS First Coding Clubs during November and continued this through April. We will resume with this in the Fall. I introduced our two new Spheros to my Coding Club members, and I also introduced the Spheros and STEM challenges to the Science Department during a winter department meeting. See link below for information shared with the Science Department.


I plan to write a grant proposal this summer to attempt to acquire 25 Spheros and tablets for my building.

Physical Space Changes

New Things and Planned Improvements

So this year, new things added to the library included a self checkout station, a one of a kind self checkout desk, a DIY charging station, the Samsung Tablet for accessing Destiny, and the Awesome Box. I plan to buy some white erase tables with remaining money for this year to add to the flexible space in the east end of the library.

Library Programming/Teacher Collaboration Projects


*LibGuides/Noodle Tools

*Book Battle--Mondays after school

*Grade 8 Green screen project--Declaration of Independence

*Grade 6 Yearlong Collaboration: Keyword

Searching/Coding/TRAAP/CultureGrams/World Book Student

*Fall Scholastic Book Fair

*Guest Author--Michael Northrop


*Teen Read Week Pumpkin Decorating Contest

*Veterans Day Twitter Project

*MASL Award Nominee breakfast

*St. Louis County Library Card Hour Long Orientation devices for 36 classes (students used their devices as part of the orientation to download/use apps and content).

Each child was given a library card holder that I handmade, so cards could be stored in binders for research use while at school.

*Industrial Tech Collaboration: Inventions-Past and Future

*The Thankful Tree

*St. Louis County Library Winter Reading Program


*Hour of Code/Google CS First Coding Clubs

*Coding Club--Wednesdays after school

*Art Collaboration: Adobe Photoshop and Editing Apps


*8th Grade Collaboration: Film Unit (Reading a Film)


*8th Grade Collaboration: Presidents Project and Social Reformers

*January Scholastic Book Fair

*Second Trimester Readers Award Incentive Sundae Party

*Book Bytes and Podcast Channel at Podbean ( a way to share all new books with all students)

https://docs.google.com/a/pkwy.k12.mo.us/document/d/1kluFa7EEu1MATwIL2vl0guN1h9sAnuHjviSqfCFC8Ig/edit?usp=sharing (example)

*Guest author--Jason Reynolds


*End of Year Readers Award Incentive Drawing

Worries and Goals

Circulation for 15-16: 14, 767 books

School-wide, circulation drops significantly whenever ELA teachers do whole class novel study. Teachers spend 6-8 weeks on novels, and very few kids in these classes are using the library regularly during that time. I know from experience that reading choice results in more reading. 8th grade circulation continues to be much lower than 6th and 7th. There is such a heavy focus on whole class novel study vs. reading workshop in this grade level.


How and when to introduce it... there is no allocated time for this during the school year/day. I am going to make an extra effort to develop my PSMS Library Pinterest Tech Page, and try to focus on one app/tool each month in terms of sharing tools with staff. Time is an issue though.



This continues to be a problem. I had one reliable parent volunteer this year who came two hours every other week. In order to more transform the library in a major way, more man hours are needed.

Special Circumstances

A seventh grade student passed away the week MAP testing was supposed to begin and the week I was supposed to give the TRAAP Spring Benchmark. This put all testing on hold. The following week, there was no Internet or phone service in the building, and South Middle experienced a full power outage due to storm damage to power lines along the north side of our parking lot. This put testing on hold again. It has been a rough end of year for students and testing. The TRAAP benchmark was given amidst these events.

Benchmark Data

Fall 2015 Benchmark Data

Timeliness: 44.4 %

Relevancy 81.5 %

Authority 30 %

Accuracy 54.8 %

Average Overall: 54.7 %

Spring 2016 Benchmark Data

Timeliness 67.1 % (growth of 22.7 %)

Relevancy 88.9 % ( growth of 7.4 %)

Authority 49 % (growth of 19 %)

Accuracy 83.7% (growth of 28.9 %)

Average Overall: 72.3 % (growth of 17.6 percent)