Computational Fluency

2-5 Grades

Skill Based Centers


Tomorrow during your planning period we will meet at the Library. You will be receiving:

  • Skill Based Centers Tracker
  • Names of students for tracker
  • Levels of students
  • Skill Based Centers Activities

2-3: I am waiting on the cafeteria to give me boxes so I can put together your material individually. Since your packets include addition and subtraction, I ran short on the amount of boxes that I initially had for you. I will try to deliver the SBC by the end of the day tomorrow.

4-5: Your boxes are really to go!

We will be implementing the SBC starting next week, with the common goal to by March 6th, 2015 the students will grow at least 3 levels from the baseline of the screeners administered in November.

Our goal is that Silberstein Scholars improve their computational fluency in addition and subtraction for grades 2nd and 3rd, and in multiplication in 4th and 5th grades - without the use of fingers or counting on mentally by one/two. The activities will support and promote the use of techniques to become more fluent in basic operations. This will lead the students to feel more comfortable when solving operations, and focus on the reasoning of thinking through word problems - especially those multistep.

It is so exciting to start this project along with you to improve our students' academic achievement!

For purposes of the leadership program that I am in, I am asking your permission to record our session. Watching the video will allow me to self-reflect in my leadership skills. If you would prefer to not be recorded, please let me know.

I'll see you tomorrow! Have a good night!