Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's Classroom


Friday, May 27th - Philadelphia Field Trip (meet at school at 7:15am), wear Field Trip T-shirts

Monday, May 30th - No School

Thursday, June 2nd - Tug of War

Friday, June 3rd - Field Day

Monday, June 6th - SchoolKidz Order Due (more information below)

Friday, June 10th - Last Day of Math Instruction

Tuesday, June 14th - Move Up Day

Wednesday, June 15th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 1/2 Day

**There are so many special events and schedule changes at the year comes to an end and I will try my best to keep you updated on all those happenings**

Philadelphia Field Trip

  • Chaperones: Everyone who showed an interest in attending the trip will be joining us! Thank you for the overwhelming level of interest!! It is so nice to have 14 parent chaperones join us on the trip. I will send a list of chaperones and groups after I talk with the boys and girls about groupings. Since we have so many chaperones, you may be responsible for just your child and perhaps one other student. You will also see an agenda for the day, along with a map and a list of recommended sites to visit. There is also an attached FAQ sheet for you to review. I will give you my cell phone number on the day of the trip – save that number, you could get a pretty penny for it at the bus stop ;0)

    • Please review the Recommended Sites file. Some exhibits do not open until 10:00, so it may be a good idea to plan your travels to begin at sites that are accessible at any time of day.

    • Please also consider looking into trying to secure tickets for Independence Hall (where the First and Second Continental Congress met to make decisions and sign the Declaration). We were unable to secure tickets for the entire 5th grade (they do not reserve tickets for 130+ visitors) however you may be able to score some tickets prior to our Field Trip to use on Friday.

    • Parents have also said the Franklin Mint is a fabulous place to make time to tour.

  • Friday Departure: Please have your child to Bridge Valley by 7:15am on Friday. We will be leaving by 7:30am. If you are chaperoning, please park on the hill. If you are dropping your child off, please be sure you drop them off directly to me. We ask that you not leave until a teacher has accounted for your child. We will be back in time for students to have a regular dismissal.

  • What to Wear: We will be going on our trip rain or shine. Please have your child wear their Bridge Valley FIELD TRIP shirt and sneakers, as we will be doing a lot of walking. They can bring a drawstring bag to carry a water bottle, souvenir/lunch money, extra layers, and umbrella, etc. Your child can pack or buy lunch that day, but you may want to check in with the chaperone of your child’s group to see if they have a specific plan for lunch.

  • Leaving for Vacation? – If you would like to sign your child out from the field trip in Philadelphia BEFORE we board the buses, please send me an e-mail stating as such. If you plan on driving your child HOME from the field trip, please send me an e-mail. If you are driving into the city, to pick your child up, and drive them to the shore, mountains, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc please send me an e-mail. Essentially, send me an e-mail to make me aware of ANY changes in transportation home. Loading the buses and getting the count is very important and we need to be efficient so that we can get the remaining children back to school for dismissal.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Cross your fingers for a beautiful day and have a great week!!

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Social Studies

We are watching an incredible special that aired on PBS and was created by NOVA. It discusses how the Declaration of Independence has been preserved and goes into the science of creating a structure to keep the document protected from all sorts of elements. There are also scenes of reenactment of events from the time period - which were great for the students to get a visual of the way of life of that time. The history nerd in me absolutely loved it. Please see the link below in case you are a little curious about the information as well.

I am also reading the story, Those Rebels, John and Tom as a final story of the Revolutionary War for our social studies course of study.



This week in reading I am having students analyze two poems written by Langston Hughes; Mother to Son and Dreams. At this point in the year, students will be able to independently identify theme, point of view, and various literary devices that enhance meaning.

I am wrapping up the grading of the final Core Assessment and I will distribute those tests for your review next week, after we have the field trip in the books.


Students are continuing the work on their Colonial Newspaper projects. As a reminder, this project is a mixture of creative writing and research writing. Students are tasked with presenting information about this time period through creative writing pieces.

Ask your child:

Have you completed the required writing articles?

Which two additional projects did you select? (Tabloid Article, One Line Exploration, or

Comic Strip)

Are you having fun writing your stories?

What events are you retelling your audience?

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Use the link above to order your school supplies for 6th grade.

Account #: 38573

Kit #: 3857306ALL

Please see your child's schoolbag for the paper order form or the attached PDF to my newsletter e-mail.