When the Andes flight crashed lots of people got hurt and many people died. The survivors were very little because in the mountain they crashed was really cold. People didn't had where to get food so everyone who died needed to be eaten so survivors could stay alive. It was awful but very important in history. only 16 people survived from the 45 people that were on board. The plane crashed in Los Andes in 1972. Los Andes is a mountain in south America. People had allot of possibility of dying because of the freezing wether.

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Imagine that your plane crashed in the middle of a ice cold mountain. In the plane crashed half of your family died. You would be all alone with a bunch of strangers dying of hunger and really hurt. Imagine how awefull that would be. This terrible acksident happend in october. Thankfully after weeks of suffering someone came to save the poor people that survived. It was awefull how they ate each other. They also had to eat each other because no animal lived in the mountain. Allot of people of all ages were abord. Kids, old people and familys. People were separated from there family or love. That was the worst day ever in the history of worst days.


3 survivors died in the 29 of october because a avlanche of snow landed in the place were they were sleeping for the night.

Dr. Roberto Canessa

Dr Roberto Canessa was one of the survivors in the plane crash. Roberto still remembers the horrible memory of eating his friends. The plane crashed october 16 1972. Roberto hiked with a doctor surviver and another man for 10 days to get help. The survivors stayed 72 days in the mountain. Robert was 19 years old when he was rescued. Roberto Canessa was born in Urugay in 1953. Hes wife is Laura Surreco how was really close with Roberto when the accident happend. He loved to play sports specialy rugby. In 1971 he was been called to be in the national team of rugby in Urugay. Now he is a really famouse man and stills plays sports like tennis with his friends.

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Fernando Parrado

Nado Parrado was born in dicember 19 of 1949 in urugay and has two sisters oone biger and one smaller. He also played rugby. Nando graduated from the Stella Mary College. When he crahed he was a university student. Nando wrote a book in 2006 called Miracle in the Andes. In the plane he was with his mother and littloe sister susy. Sadley they both died in the accident. his dream was to be a racer. When he got married he have up being a race car racer and took over his father buissnes. He also became a personal in television. He loves his family and he mentioned in a talk show that he would board the plane again to have the family he has now.

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Roy Harley

Roy was 20 years old when the plane crashed. He was studing tecnology. Roy graduated from Stela Maris. As well as tecnology Roy played Old Christians. He was a very good player. Now roy is married to Cecilia surraco and has 3kids. His kids are Alejandro, Maria Eloisa and Carolina. Roy was the one that tried to activate the plane radio. He spend 10 days in the back of the plane fixing the radio. Now he is a really happy man.

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