John F. Cullins

The Book

My uncle John F. Cullins is finished writing his first book " Dusk a Crown of Horns". i have read it my self and honestly i enjoyed it. on you can get this book for only $3.50. i checked myself it is rated 5 stars out of 5. like i said it is a great book. and if you get it, you will be attached to the book for years.


He just moved out of my house to go live in california. moving over there made him seperate from his mom, dad, me and my brothers and sisters, my other uncle, my aunt, and his cousins. My father is getting married in july so my uncle John said he would try to make it. hopefully i see him there.

What he did

my uncle hand drew these pictures, wrote the story, and it got published. he spent a good year and a half trying to write this book for "our" entertainment. and trust me, writing a book is difficult.

who he did it with

he knew he was ready to do something for him self. he wrote a book, the best book ever written. my name was added in the book. he had help from the entire family. every one helped him in a way. me, my brother, my aunt, and my other uncle helped him with his book. some one in the comments for his book "can not wait for book 2. i loved it".
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