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April 6th 2016 50 cents



Someone just robbed the antgots robbing over 2,000,000 dollars. Police think it was the black garden ants it happen at 5 in the morning robbing over 4,000,000,000 ant accounts
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Austin ant hole

want to live in a big city with a lot of traffic and risk your life to not get hit by cars there is a hole lot more grocery stores and has a big human city with scyscrapers bigger than the ant hole and the humans are huge too!
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Non-Fiction story

Black garden ants there new in town

Black garden ants are brown so they should be called brown garden ants in my perspective but there is also cool stuff about them too.The males are less likely to survive because they have a adaptation of mating to find more ant homes and reproduce. They are found of gardens they are dumpsters for the food you drop but beware they'll eat you!
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letter to editor

Dear Anty, April 6th 2016

My teacher just failed me but i did nothing what should a I do?


Senior student at Cypress Hole High

Dear Senior student,

You need to take your time on your work.



ant Mens Sports


the antbases won against the batants at a score of 100 antruns to 60 antruns that is a new recored for the team
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the cypressants won last night against the highants for a score 6 to 3 in by only field goals and did not let the highants get passed the 50 yard line
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filants won against the brazants last night and it became a hard game to win the destroyed 100 brand new balls in a hour and the score was 70 to 2 and the filants got a dead ball recored
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one day sale at a.n.t 50%off all king antiwan bread

Wednesday, April 6th, 8:30am-9pm

Cypress, TX, United States

Cypress, TX

No addition offers with it

new place la antceiadia

Friday, April 8th, 12-10pm

Cypress, TX, United States

Cypress, TX

come check out our antiadias


Garage sale in champion forest klein area

Friday, April 8th, 5pm to Thursday, April 21st, 6:30pm

Champion Forest, Harris County, TX, United States


trade page

yard sale

Friday, April 8th, 9pm

Memorial Northwest, Harris County, TX, United States


with a lot of fruneture


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