Baxter Bulletin

Week of November 12, 2023

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A Note from Principal Silmon

Dear Baxter Family,

I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support and active participation of your family in our school community. Last week, our 3rd grade students organized an amazing Veterans' Day performance that was witnessed by a packed cafeteria filled with family and friends. We also concluded our week with the Baxter Glow Run, which was a massive success, thanks to your contributions!

Your engagement in parent-teacher meetings, school events, and various initiatives have further strengthened the bond between home and school. Your efforts have helped us create an atmosphere for growth and positively shape the future of our students. We are truly grateful for the difference you make!

As we look forward to the Thanksgiving break, I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday. Thank you once again for your continued support in creating a rich and rewarding educational experience for our students.


Mrs. Silmon

Important Dates to Remember!

11/16-PTO Meeting

11/16-Active Family Night

11/17-No School

11/20-11/24-Thanksgiving Break

11/27 -Professional Development Day for Staff-No School for students.

12/1-All City Choir Performance

12/4-12/8- PTO Snowflake Village

12/7-5th Grade Music Program

12/20-Holiday Parties 3rd-5th

12/21-Holiday Parties PK-2nd

12/22-No School for Students

Thank you Baxter families!!! Look at all of the canned food we were able to collect!!!

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Active Family Night!

Please reach out to if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you there!
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PTO Baxter Angels Tree

We are getting ready to adopt Baxter Angels! Before we can adopt them out, we need to know the needs and wants of our community! Use the link or QR code below to nominate yourself or others. Please use a separate form for each person you nominate. We are hoping to serve Baxter children and their parents, grandparents, and immediate family.

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Assistance for the Holidays!


Also as in years past, Manna House is accepting submissions for families in need. Families can sign up to receive support this holiday season.

  • Registration to receive a Thanksgiving Basket of food is available for all those who are eligible for financial assistance. Come by or call Manna House to register a child or family. Visit Manna House Midlothian at 3241A Robinson Rd. or call the office at 972-775-1800 to sign up.

  • Registration to be considered an Angel Tree recipient is available for all those who are eligible for financial assistance. The deadline to sign up a child ends November 30th. Come by or call Manna House to register a child or family. Visit Manna House Midlothian at 3241A Robinson Rd. or call the office at 972-775-1800 to sign up.

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Capturing Kids' Heart

CKH Monthly Focus for November: Teamwork

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is the ability to work in unity with others towards a common goal. For us to learn how to become team players, it is important that we learn to listen, encourage our peers, and allow and invite others to contribute their talents and skills.

Why focus on Teamwork?

  • Teamwork improves communication: Teamwork helps us improves our verbal and non-verbal communication skills, conveying that we care and a relevant message.
  • Teamwork builds interpersonal awareness: Growing a great team requires us to first build strong relationships through better understanding ourselves and others.
  • Teamwork celebrates diversity. Teamwork thrives from diverse ideas that come from a mixture of different genders, cultures, expertise, experience, and problem-solving approaches.
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Campus Security and Visitors

  • Each of our campuses follow strict and uniformed access procedures. All visitors are required to visit the front office immediately upon accessing a school.

  • ALL ADULT VISITORS will be required to present a valid form of photo identification (State issued driver’s license, state issued identification card, passport, military identification card, etc.) to our staff each and every time they visit a campus. Staff will review the identification to ensure that visitation is authorized. This may include use of the Raptor Visitor Management system to ensure proper student contact, as well as scanning of state or county databases to ensure campus access is permitted.

  • Following approval, visitors will be issued a visitor pass that is required to be displayed on the outer clothing and clearly visible to staff while on campus. For example, if you visited the campus in the morning and returned in the afternoon you will be required to reprocess your visit with the front office.

  • All visitors are required to adhere to all campus rules while visiting. Failure may result in a visitor being asked to leave the campus. → this is per the MISD website linked below

Things to Know!

  • The doors open every morning at 7:05. If you pull up in the morning and the staff has gone inside, you MUST get out and walk your student to the door. If there is no adult with a student the front office will not open the door.
  • If your student eats breakfast, please have them here by 7:15 am.
  • School ends at 3:15.
  • Changes to dismissal need to be in by 2:15PM
  • If students are being picked up early, it must be done prior to 2:30p.m.

Be kind to our staff members, their number one job is taking care of kids and they're really good at it. Remember, your students are watching and listening to you. Please exude positivity and they will do the same. This is going to be the best year ever, I am very confident about that!

Be Kind in the Car Line!

Be kind in the car line, don't skip in front of people, merge, and take turns!

  • Please follow the traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up.

  • Be courteous in the car line, do not cut in line. Do not cut on Park Place.

  • Merge safely and follow the route on Baltic

K-5 Student Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

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PK and Special Programs Student Arrival/Dismissal

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Enrollment and Registration

Student enrollment and registration will be completed online only.

New Student Enrollment

Student Registration
All students, including returning students and newly enrolled students, must complete student registration every school year.

Link to Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch

Visit to apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program today!
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Food Deliveries Are Not Accepted

As a reminder: Students are not permitted to have food delivered by third-party vendors or services (Ex: UberEats, DoorDash, Chick-fil-A Delivery, Papa Johns).

We only permit students to have food delivered by a parent or guardian reflected on their Skyward account. Parents or guardians can only bring food for their student(s). thank you for your cooperation!

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Clinic Information

From Nurse Martin:

Each LINK will direct you to the appropriate forms required to be completed by your student's doctor if your child has one of the following conditions:

If you have questions please contact Jessica Martin at or call the clinic at 469-856-611

PTO Events

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CTE Showcase!

Save the Date: 2nd Annual CTE Showcase Night Nov. 14

Midlothian ISD will host its 2nd Annual Career and Technical Education Showcase Night Nov. 14 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at The MILE located at 711 West Ave I. The Showcase spotlights the more than 13 programs of study MISD students can pursue in middle school and high school to gain practical and marketable skills in business and industry fields. Tailored to meet course selection questions for students in grades 7-11, the Showcase Night is an opportunity to learn more about CTE classes offered at Midlothian Heritage High School and Midlothian High School.

Attend the Showcase Night and learn more about Cybersecurity, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Health Sciences, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design and more.

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Baxter Staff Shout Out!

Click the button to recognize a Baxter staff member for going above and beyond! We will share your shout-out with our entire staff on a weekly basis so we can celebrate those individuals together!