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"Things to learn while having fun! Lot's to do in 201!"

Room 201

Hi Parents,

Spring is finally here! We have enjoyed heading outside for reading, writing, and a little extra recess. It sure is nice to see the sun and signs of new growth. Speaking of which, some of the students are looking taller each week!

Our final 5th Grade field trip will be on Friday, April 25th. We will be heading to the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is a great way to finish up our learning about this time in our nation's history. More information will be coming soon.

Has your child asked to find the tip on your recent restaurant bill? If so, great! We are learning about percents and they are challenged to figure out the tip to earn extra credit in math if they bring in the receipt. Please be aware that you might be asked to eat out and spend dinner time in a restaurant. Bon appetit!

Since next week is a shortened week, there will be no new Spelling or Vocabulary words.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Hinken

Our Learning This Week.....


In math, the students reviewed how to find the percent of a number. We worked on problems that we may find in the real world. Some examples were finding discounts, tips on a bill, and finding interest given from banks. Our biggest "aha" moment is that we love discounts and interest, but taxes, not so much. We took our Chapter 10 test and have started on Chapter 11 (Graphs and Probability). We will not be taking a test for this chapter, the students will just be practicing the concepts.

Writers' Workshop

In Writers' Workshop, the students wrote in their Civil War journals after taking part in the two battles from the Civil War. (Bull Run and Antietam) They wrote a letter home to their loved ones and incorporated facts from the battle, vocabulary words, and thoughts and feelings as if they were actually there at the scene.

Social Studies

Last week in Social Studies, the students read about the first Battle of Bull Run. It ended in a Southern victory, surprising both sides. It is now 1862 and the Civil War has lasted much longer than the soldiers thought it would. We learned about some of the bloodiest battles in history. They were the Battle Shiloh and the Battle of Antietam.

The students will be working on a Civil War Archives project. The information was sent home today. I asked the students to choose three topics they may be interested in, discuss them with you, and let me know their choices on Monday. This project will be completed at home. There is a pathfinder located on our class website with some links to help your child get started.

Please keep encouraging your child to practice the Gettysburg Address.They are expected to recite it aloud from memory.

Readers' Workshop

This week in Readers' Workshop, the students continued to work on Close Reading and "digging deeper" through rereading. They read about soldiers, new battle/fighting tactics, new weapons, and transportation. Did you know that hot air balloons were used by the Union soldiers to gather information behind enemy lines? This is why the war was often referred to as the "new modern war". They also read about the 11 year old drummer boy, Johnny Clem. The students were asked to notice what information they picked up on the second time (and even third time) reading the same text.

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • April 16
  • 5th Grade Orientation at JH (7:15-8:15)

  • April 17
  • Half Day of School (12:00 Dismissal)

  • April 18
  • No School (Good Friday)

  • April 25
  • 5th Grade Field Trip to Civil War Museum (Full day)

Ask you child about:

* Practicing the Gettysburg Address
* How his/her "side" is doing for points
* Daily attendance
* The author Jordan Sonnenblick's visit on 4/3
* Learning outside in the courtyard
* The musical rehearsals
* Reading and finishing Chasing Lincoln's Killer

No Vocabulary Next Week

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A New Record in 5th Grade: Three students lost a tooth in one day!