Enhancing Professional Practice

by Charlotte Danielson

Online Book Study starts June 17th. Offered by ESD 113 ETSC.

Online Book Studies

Book Study offering 20 Clock Hours: $75 each.

Instructor: Nicole Swenson

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Initial Webinar set for June 17th. Webinar details offered at time of registration.

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Enhancing Professional Practice, Charlotte Danielson

Learn in 20 hours along with colleagues in an electronic environment online about Charlotte Danielson's, Framework for Teaching.

Learn about a framework that could serve as a foundation for your school district's recruitment and hiring, mentoring, coaching, and professional development approaches.

Learn how this professional practice framework can assist in the teacher evaluation process:

  • about actions teachers can take to improve student learning,
  • about the four domains of teaching responsibility,
  • that within the four domains are twenty-two components and elements that further refine our understanding of what teaching is.

Session ID # 46033.

Register at www.myesd.org.

Helping you understand and meet the CCSS!

Learn how to integrate book study ideas and strategies into your practice as students work to meet the CCSS standards for Math, ELA & Technology.

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