February 8- February 12

Weekly Announcements!

  • Love of Reading Week! Guest speakers will be brought to your class as they arrive. If we have "surprise" readers we will come look for volunteer classrooms :) Please touch base with your colleague in order to coordinate reading to one another's classes.
  • AZELLA testing is Monday. Leadership and Instructional aides are all involved with testing.
  • Super busy this week with formal observations, please text or see Myriam if you need some one-on-one with me :) Thank you!

Collaboration on Wednesday

Pam Betten will be providing a PD on Writing Standards from 2-3 p.m. Please plan on being in the LRC with us. You will need your laptop and something to write with :)

Please collaborate in lead teacher rooms before that session. We will be visiting you- if you have specific questions, please shoot those our way so we can prepare for you.

February Birthdays!

Christopher Sanchez - 25th

Ivette Sanchez - 25th

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