Lewis and Clark's Expedition

The extraordinary events that happened along their journey

The hook

"After every matter arranged, we left the banks of St. Charles with cheers from the crowd...into unknown civilization."

Meriwether lewis

William clark

May 21st, 1804

General Description

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were chosen by president thomas jefferson to explore the louisiana territory with the “corps of discovery” to find a path to the pacific ocean. They later returned in 1806 and their journey was 8,000miles long and took 2 ½ years to complete.

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis was born August 18th, 1774 in Ivy, Virginia. He was considered to be

an Explorer, politician, and soldier. Roughly three years after the expedition he died [October 11, 1809, Tennessee]

William Clark

William Clark: Born: August 1, 1770, Caroline County, Virginia, VA

Died: September 1, 1838, St. Louis, MO

"American Explorer, indian agent, soldier, territorial governor”

May 14th, 1804

Monday, May 14th 1804 at 9pm

Camp wood

  • The Corps of Discovery leaves Camp Wood and begins its journey up the missouri river “under a gentle breeze”

November 4th, 1804

Sunday, Nov. 4th 1804 at 9pm

8th Street Southwest

Washburn, ND

Lewis and Clark along with the other men apart of the corps of discovery were trying to finish building Fort Mandan a man by the name Toussaint Charbonneau and his two shoshone wives showed up presenting gifts "4 buffalow robes" as said in Sergeant Ordway's journal.

December 17th, 1805

Monday, Dec. 17th 1804 at 9pm

Louisiana Territory

The men record the temperature at 45 degrees below zero "colder than [they] ever knew it to be in the states."

May 16th, 1805

Thursday, May 16th 1805 at 9pm


  • "One of their boats nearly overturns and Lewis credits Sacagawea with saving their most important possessions.”

Saturday, Aug. 31st 1805 at 9pm

Bitterroot Mountains, Ravalli County, MT, United States


August 31st, 1805 - The expedition sets out for the Bitterroot Mountains with many horses and a mule acquired from the Shoshone

September 23rd, 1805

Monday, Sep. 23rd 1805 at 9pm

Weippe, ID, United States

Weippe, ID

  • September 23rd, 1805 - Starving, the men emerge from the mountains near the present day Weippe, Idaho, at the villages of the Nez Perce indians.

September 23rd, 1806

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd 1806 at 9pm

St Louis, MI, United States

Saint Louis, MI

  • September 23rd, 1806 - Having found an easier route across the country, the men reach St. Louis nearly two and a half years after their journey began and are acclaimed as national heroes.

Impact on the Nez Perce Natives

Clark helped some of the Sick in the Nez perce tribe and they were rewarded with too fresh horses. This helped the native Americans when they were treating the sick.

The Expedition and the Notes they took.

The journals to which Lewis and Clark wrote consisted of 18 notebooks of the approximation of 4x6 inches. The books were bound in four boards covered in marbled-paper, red morocco leather, and plain brown leather (obviously there are loose pages here and there.) The first passages describe their journey along the Missouri River and North Dakota during fall/beginning of winter. The men also went to great lengths to protect these journals from accidents and destruction. They did this because Jefferson wanted the information kept safe as it would influence the westward expansion.


Lewis and Clark and their group (corps of discovery) were directed to record longitude and latitude of geographical feature. Making note of the land’s potential to help the economy.

Impact on the nation

The effect the expedition took was that of the fur trade during 1806-1812. During that time members of the corps of discovery (Manuel Lisa and John Colter) created a trade from northern South Dakota to Montana.


Manifest destiny is a term that was used to describe what people thought was a calling from God to have America go coast to coast, ocean to ocean. It helped western settlement because it made everyone want to expand the U.S. Before manifest destiny lewis and clark went on their expedition which helped settlers achieve manifest destiny.