Main Idea

Pediatricians are your everyday doctor,literally. They are doctors who watch and record the growth of children,and help keep the child growing by diagnosing,treating and helping to prevent children's diseases and injuries. You all should have a pediatrician because they work with children as young as newborn babies to teens at the age of 18.


All pediatricians must be able to do math,know about biology, and should be able to use all equipments necessary to do their job. To be a pediatrician you must have gone through 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and have completed a 4-8 year internship.

There are probably 3 simple rules that all pediatricians should be able to follow all around the world. Number 1 (probably the most obvious) you HAVE to follow the instructions and directions given to you in the hospital you work at and always stay organized. Number 2, you kinda have to like/be able to handle children (it's kinda your job), you chose to spend your days taking care of kids so take care of kids. Number 3, (optional) you gotta love/enjoy your job. It's not like every human is lucky enough to get to spend their lives working with little ones,so enjoy it till you retire!

Language of the Discipline

Being a pediatrician means you have to use many words like
  • Patient
  • Child/kid
  • Medicine
  • Shot
  • Healthy
  • Solutions
  • Prevention
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness

Different Perspective

To yourself you'll be many things but in the eyes of others you may find a different opinion. For example...

Baby - Gah,gah,gah.
Kid - Mean doctor who like to give me bobo. OR Super fun doctor, even though I hate hospitals.
Teen - Pediatricians are for kids, so why am I still here? OR My pediatrician is pretty cool, I guess.
Parent - I wonder how they live with their job,children are a pain. OR I don't know why my kids don't enjoy coming they have such a caring and respectable doctor.
Coworker - Why do they get all the praise, I practically do all the work. OR She makes such a great friend and coworker.
Boss - Not in my past 30 years at this job have a seen such a terrible doctor, I'm gonna have to fire him. OR Not in my past 30 years at this job have a seen such a suffocated worker, she gets a raise.

Relate over Time

Over the last couple of decades, MANY changes have been added to the medical field. The 1 thing that made PHENOMENAL advancements is Technology.Most people know what technology is, it's any machinery or equipment developed by scientific knowledge. Because of technology we have been able to research and test new ideas out which then gave us better medicine. Plus, now instead of having all those useless file paper we can stay more organized and cut down less trees. Any medical procedures can now be completed without leeches and doctors tasting pee.
And with new technology still coming, us humans will be able to proceed in finding cures for deadly diseases.


All hospitals have like a schedule procedure to do depending on the patient. The most normal procedure goes something like this...

1. Take child to room and take measurements (Ex: Weight,age,height)
[This is done to keep track of their growth]
2. Take hearing and sight testing.
[Done to see if child needs hearing aids of glasses]
3. Give a shot (if necessary )
[Helps prevent sickness like the flu before hand]
4. Ask questions (Ex:Do you ever feel pain out of no where?)
[To see if child is endangered to any diseases or illnesses]
5. Record data into files,sticker and goodbye.

Other patients will need more special attention if they have a illness.


Like most jobs, being a pediatrician has it's ups and downs. Though most downs depend on how much a person is willing to commit.

- Take care of children and keep
them healthy
- You and your family get health
- Retirement money is involved
- Not boring
- Help families with problems and
sometimes save lives
- High demand for them

- Dealing with insurance companies
isn't always easy
- Job limits family time
- Tons of responsibilities
- People don't really know the average pay
- Difficult to go through MANDATORY training
- Work long hours