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What's Up in GATES?

I'll be posting some pics here later so check back, but here's what we have been doing:

True Colors Personality Test - how can we use this information to understand ourselves, and how can we use it to understand and work with others? (You can Google "True Colors Personality Test" for many links and articles, or click here for some information:

Creating Icosagons (a 20-sided polygon based on our True Colors!) - a bit of a challenge in following directions and working carefully! For more information about Icosagons and a variety of important Greek mathematical prefixes, check out this page:

Writing goals and drawing self-portraits - "selfie"-style!

Learning about a creative thinking strategy called SCAMPER - it's like purposeful brainstorming! Read about it here!

Discussing Growth Mindsets and how our brain processes information. We delved into some articles and videos from Khan Academy and PERTS (Stanford University). See the videos here:

Growing Your Mind -

Neuroplasticity -

...and a whole host of other challenging activities! All our lessons so far are designed to challenge students to deeply understand themselves as lifelong learners, to understand how and why they think and process information the way that they do, and to begin strengthening their minds and developing positive habits and work ethics to help them achieve their goals. In addition to learning the ins and outs of our thinking, we've spent some time covering "thinking errors" that can lead to anxiety, and how we can address those logically and calmly in order to avoid negative reactions to challenging activities, lower-than-expected grades, or stressful situations.

Taking time at the beginning of the year to understand ourselves and learn about helpful tools and strategies will empower students to know their needs and ask for help in the most efficient way, and to find challenges tailor-made for their own unique needs.

Coming soon - we embark on our challenges!

4th and 5th Grade - Passion Project!

3rd Grade - Structures!

2nd Grade - More Global Challenges!

1st Grade - What a Wonderful World!


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SUPPLIES FOR GATES (and our Wish List!)

PLEASE READ ME!!!!! New students to GATES:

1 composition book

Returning students to GATES:

If your journal is lost or full, please bring 1 composition book; otherwise, you may continue in your existing journal




Glue and glue sticks

Yoga mats/exercise mats

Chair cushions

Canvas folding chairs (bag chairs)

Enrichment Small Groups


Welcome back, returning students, and welcome to my new students!

Based on assessment scores that reflect high achievement and/or potential in one or more academic areas, your child may have received a letter saying that targeted enrichment activities are recommended at this time.

Targeted enrichment activities are provided for 30 minutes weekly. During this time, your child will be pulled out of class into a small group setting to focus on specific skills. Lessons are very fast paced and focused on a variety of strategies including creative thinking, logical reasoning, and creative problem solving, to name a few. These lessons are not graded, and they are designed to encourage students to try new and different methods of processing information. Students are monitored for continued progress and for possible recommendation for further academic testing. Targeted enrichment groups are not the same as GATES.


Please note our schedule has CHANGED!