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Mrs. Wallerstedt 08/09/21

Welcome Back!

Park View Families,

I am so excited about our return to school this year. It is more special than usual as we are returning to a five day week 8:30 am - 3:15 pm schedule with our Kindergarten students back to full day. Please remember that our newsletters are Park View's main form of communication to keep you informed this year.

We have some new staff members at Park View that I am thrilled to introduce. Our previous Speech-Language Pathologist, Mrs. Woodward, is not returning to Park View so please welcome Ms. Dunning. Mrs. Eaton is not returning to Park View this year so please welcome Mrs. Wolf to our Kindergarten crew. We are very grateful and fortunate to have them both at our school. When you meet them, give them a warm PV welcome.

Our first day for students is Wednesday, August 18th. First through Fifth grades will start full days and our kindergarten students start with three half-days with an 11:40 am dismissal and move to full days on Monday, August 23rd. Here is a link to the 2021-22 D44 Calendar.

Masks are required to be worn in school throughout the day by students and adults regardless of vaccination status. This is a policy of our Board of Education and our State. All students riding the bus must have their masks on during transportation. Masks can be removed outside during mask breaks and recesses as long as students keep some distance between one another so we will be reminding them not to bunch up closely outside. Students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:20 am and the first bell (8:28 am) signals students to line up. This is when students will need to pull their masks on covering their mouth and nose. Masks must be two layers and gaiters are not allowed, or any mask of one layer.

District #44 has updated it's procedures we will follow to keep our student body as healthy as we can in our Healthy = Here booklet. In here you will find all the information you need for quarantining when exposure or symptoms of COVID-19 happen in your family. Please remember as you registered you agreed to self-certify that your child(ren) is/are free of COVID-19 like symptoms before sending them to school each day. This agreement is part of how we achieve Healthy = Here. Please honor that agreement by checking your child(ren) daily for symptoms before sending them to Park View. We want to keep all our students here at school five days per week and these procedures will help us to do that. Here is the Stay Open School Plan presented to the Board Of Education for additional details. There is so much more information below separated into categories for easy access.

Technology 1:1

All students will be issued a tech device from their classroom teacher once school begins. Students are free to bring their device to and from school. See the links below for additional information.

Lunch - Snacks - Water

This year we will have three separate lunch periods to again help our students space appropriately when eating. This is the only time our students will be unmasked inside the building:

K-1 Lunch 11:15 am

2-3 Lunch 11:40 am

4-5 Lunch 12:05 pm

Students will also have a lunch recess and additional recesses/mask breaks throughout their day. We will encourage students to spread apart and not bunch up during recess time. Art, Music and PE will once again be a part of the day as in pre-COVID years. Teachers will plan for a snack time during the day. It is important that you follow our D44 Approved Snack list here with one modification. Please only send snacks that students can easily pop into their mouths. Do not send snacks that require spoons or forks so skip the yogurt cups, canned fruits, applesauce etc. All snacks need to be eaten without utensils.

Students also need to bring a filled water bottle to school each day. The best one for students has the flip straw at the top. This makes it easy to drink with the mask mandate in place. Our fountains are closed, but our bottle fillers are open. We want our Panthers to be well hydrated throughout the day.

Arrival & Dismissal At Park View

Safety is our number one goal for arrivals and dismissals at Park View. Please adhere to the information below as it keeps all of our students and families safe. The following doors are assigned to the following grade levels for lining up to enter and for leaving at the end of the day:

Kindergarten - Door #2 North/West corner of the building by the baseball diamond

First Grade - Door #4 North/East corner of the building by the playground

Second Grade - Door #3 North end of the building facing the fields

Third Grade - Door #1 West side of the building main entrance

Fourth Grade - Door #5 South/West corner of the building by the raised garden beds

Fifth Grade - Door #5 South/West corner of the building by the raised garden beds

Students will need to have their masks on when they get into line at the 8:28 am line-up bell. Students will enter the building at the 8:30 am bell. School Supervisors are outside until 8:35 am for safety purposes. Please make sure your children are on time to school everyday. Arrival to school should be between 8:20 am - 8:28 am daily. Dismissal is at 3:15 pm from the same doors listed above. Our campus closes at 3:30 pm so all students must be off campus and on their way home unless they are accompanied by an adult.

**If you are dropping-off/picking-up your child using the drive thru loop please adhere to the Parking Loop Safety Procedures always linked here.

Supply Drop-Off/Meet The Teacher 21-22

Each year, we give students and families the opportunity to drop off their school supplies before our first day back. This year our Supply Drop-Off / Meet the Teacher will be held on two different days to minimize the size of the crowd coming into the school at once. If your last name begins with A - K, you can drop off your supplies and meet your teacher on Monday, August 16th from 12:30 - 1:00 pm. If your last name begins with L - Z, you can drop off your supplies and meet the teacher on Tuesday, August 17th from 12:30 - 1:00 pm. Please remember all adults and students must wear masks inside. We are looking forward to seeing all our Park View Families!!

Park View Fall Curriculum Night 21-22

This year we will have our Fall Curriculum Night on Wednesday, August 25th from 6:00 - 7:05 pm. This event is only for parents and we offer two different sessions for families with multiple children at Park View. The first session is 6:00 - 6:30 pm for all K-5 classrooms. The second session is 6:35 - 7:05 pm for all K-5 classrooms. Teachers will go through very important information about what your child(ren)'s year will cover academically. The teacher will also go over procedures and important information you will need for the school year. This is one of our most important events for parents to help you build that strong bond with your child(ren)'s teacher(s) and navigate your child(ren)'s school year smoothly. We hope to see 100% of our families here at all grade levels (K-5).

Park View PTA

The Park View PTA is a group of parents that work together to bring social events to school by planning the events and supporting the school in very important ways. They are welcoming and creative and love to have fun. They also work closely together so the tasks are small and manageable for everyone. I urge you to join today and help make Park View fun for your child(ren) and all the Panthers here. Below are some links with very important information to get you started!

Introductory Flyer

PTA Events and Programs Descriptors

PTA Calendar 21-22.

PTA Proposed Budget 21-22

**And don't miss the pool party see below**

Big picture

Dates To Remember . . . . . . .

August 12th - Kindergarten Parent/Student Orientation (6:00-6:45 pm)

August 15th - Park View PTA Pool Party
August 16th - Supply Drop off/Meet the Teacher A-K Families (12:30-1:00 pm)

August 17th - Supply Drop off/Meet the Teacher L-Z Families (12:30-1:00 pm)

August 18th - 1st Day of School (full day 1st-5th/half-day Kindergarten only)

August 25th Fall Curriculum Night K-5 (6:00 - 7:05 pm)

Park View Panthers!

I Promise To Learn - Be Ready!

I Promise To Care About Myself And Others - Be Respectful!

I Promise To Do My Very Best - Be Responsible!