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April 2016 Staff Newsletter

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All staff everywhere - join together every Monday in wearing a company t-shirt or any autism organization/autism awareness t-shirt you have!

Please remember to...

1. Use the inventory sheets around the clinic to make note of what supplies are running low or are completely out. We will be ordering supplies once a month, and this will make ordering much easier.

2. Keep the STAGES door locked once students have arrived. If you are returning from an outing, lock the door behind you. And once the students have gone home for the day, please lock the door.

3. STAGES staff, please vacuum your area in the morning.

4. If you are closing at the clinic, make sure windows are locked and trash is picked up.

5. If you are the last one in the therapy room, please vacuum the room, check the windows, and wipe down furniture.

PTO for Full-Time Staff

Any time you are off work (sick, vacation, snow days, non-holiday clinic/school closure), please complete a PTO slip, whether you have PTO available or not. If you did not work your 40 hours or agreed upon full time weekly hours, for the week, turn in a PTO slip along with your time sheet.

Anchorage had a snow day Monday Nov 2nd, please record the hours worked (those that came in and/or worked from home), on your time sheet.

Reminder, Anchorage area employees: Thanksgiving is a paid holiday. We are closed Friday Nov 27, please complete a PTO slip for this day, as is it not a paid holiday.

Reminder, for new employees, you are eligible for PTO from 6 months of hire date, (full-time hire date).

Two Full Time Tech Positions

The Eagle River clinic and STAGES is looking for an internal hire for the Full-Time, salaried Lead Tech position. Interested applicants must have at least a Bachelor's degree and the desire to seek certification within one year of accepting this position.

If interested, please email Malorie at

Nebraska Staff

A contact from the Autism Society of Nebraska has asked if some of our team might be interested in helping with this program below, as she is looking for about 5 more volunteers. It's for a preschool play date social group that meets once a month.
Please contact this group via their Facebook page or email if you are interested in helping out.

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______ UPCOMING EVENTS ______

Alaska Staff Retreat

There will be an Alaska Staff Retreat the weekend after Labor Day this year. Details yet to be determined.


Marjorie Tavera, April 1st

Jenifer Parrish, April 1st

Heidie Godfrey, April 3rd

Michael Kage, April 4th

Christy Wasmer, April 15th

Summer Scheduling

Please begin to think about your hours for the summer and inform the office staff of your availability for Social Groups and 1:1 Sessions.

Please sign up to be part of the planning team. We need at least 4 team members to help plan activities and outings.



Summer Family Field Trips (AK & NE)

Rebeka would like to plan at least 3 family fields trips for this summer. In the past, we have gone to the Reindeer Farm, Zoo, and local parks. If you have know of another place that would be a fun field trip please email Malorie.

The reason for family field trips is to give us a chance to work with our clients in a group, unstructured setting, provide "real time" training to families, and observe families interactions (siblings are invited to these events).

We would like a field trip in June and July.

In August, please plan on a back to school potluck BBQ, 2 weeks prior to the start of school. Behavior Matters will supply paper products and drinks.

Behavior Matters and S.T.A.G.E.S. of Learning Center

ALASKA: 16941 N. Eagle River Loop Rd • Eagle River, AK 99577 • 907-726-5330 office • 907-726-5366 fax

NEBRASKA: 7200 S. 84th St • LaVista, NE 68128 • 253-686-6958 cell • 855-726-5366 fax