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Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 January 18, 2017

Recap of 1/17/17 Board of Education Meeting by Kevin Freeman

Board of Education Meeting - 1/17/2017

Mexico Public School District #59

Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Adopt Agenda

3. Staff & Patron Input

a. January 2017 MSBA Board Report at this link. Included in this month’s report:

Political Climate in Jefferson City

Appointments to State Board of Education

Legislative Session

MSBA Self Evaluation

Practical Personnel Law Webinar Series

School Board Member Recognition Week

b. MSBA School Board Recognition Week January 24-January 30, 2016

We recognize and thank the Board of Education for their service to our kids and


c. Retirement Recognition - wonderful to honor our retirees

Vicki Murphy - Bus Driver - 25 years with the district

Mary Wilson - Cafeteria Assistant Manager - 29 years with the district

4. President's Comments

  • Congratulations to retirees - amazing to see the years of service to the district

  • Appreciation for all the wonderful things given to us. Board appreciates the appreciation week recognition but wants you to know we know where the real work happens.

  • Exciting that we had a groundbreaking today for the bond issue projects.

  • Congratulations to Deb for being recognized as district principal of the year for the NE region

  • All fall sports teams (but one, and they were 2.9) had a GPA over 3.0. Volleyball the high a 3.6. Congratulations to our student athletes. Great job.

5. Consent Agenda - approved

a. Minutes - December 15, 2016 Regular Session & January 5, 2017 Regular Session Minutes

b. Reading of the Bills (except agenda item 6)

c. Declare Items No Longer Needed for Educational Use

d. Appoint Assistant Superintendent as ELL Coordinator

e. Appoint Assistant Superintendent as Migrant Coordinator

f. Appoint Assistant Superintendent as Foster Coordinator

6. Bills - In addition to the normal bills that need for one or more board members to abstain, there was a late check request for building permits from the city of Mexico for the bond issue. It was also approved.

7. Reports & Presentations

a. Bond Issue Progress To Date

i. Bid - Special Inspection - Approved by the board

b. Bond Expenditures Report

c. Building Reports

i. Mexico Senior High School Building Report

ii. Davis H. Hart Career Center Building Report

iii. Mexico Middle School Building Report

iv. Eugene Field Elementary Building Report

v. Hawthorne Elementary Building Report

vi. McMillan Elementary Building Report

vii. Early Childhood Center Building Report

d. Attendance Report

e. Fall Athletic Report

f. Health Services Program Report

g. Wellness Committee Report

h. Board Candidate Filing December 13, 2016 - January 17, 2017: Five candidates for three seats:

Dustin Pascoe, Thomas Fiedler, Kelli Teel, Nathan Birt, Brian Rowe

8. Unfinished Business

a. 2016C Policy Updates - Second Reading - These policy updates were approved.

b. 2017-2018 School Calendar - The Board adopted this calendar for the 2017-2018 year. School will start August 23rd.

c. Budget Discussion click the link to access the google drive doc… no decisions were made.

9. New Business

a. Treasurer's Report - approved by board. Dec fund balance was 11.96%, which is about 1.5% above this time last year. January we will receipt local tax money.

b. Bid - eRate - Approved for financing of technology infrastructure. Replaces old switches, battery back ups and provides more wireless access points. eRate money is FCC money. They pay 80% and the district pays 20%.

c. Bid - Financing for Performance Contracting - Board approved Texas Capitol as the finance company for the Opterra Performance contract with some stipulations for the business office to negotiate on portions of the deal (length of term, etc…). This is the last piece of the financing puzzle for the bond issue.

d. Legislative Forum - February 14, 2017 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - MSBA hosts this day in Jeff City each year for school board members and superintendents. They will invite the new Governor to speak and likely legislative leaders as well.

e. 2016D Policy Updates - First Reading - Update to several policies provided by MSBA

10. Adjournment to Executive Session

Board handled legal and personnel in closed session. Personnel will be released later as always.

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Retirement reminder

For those getting ready to retire in 2017, in order to be paid for your sick leave (maximum 100 days); anyone wishing to retire must have their notice into Bethany Collins by one of the following days, per Board policies GCPC and GDPC:

Certified Staff: March 1, 2017

Support Staff: March 18, 2017 (for those retiring on the last day of school)

NOTE: Those retiring on any other day then the last day of school will need to give 60 days notice in order to receive payment for sick leave.

ALSO NOTE: This is only for retiring employees; resigning employees are not eligible for the sick leave payout benefit.

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