Do you want to live somewhere nice?

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Why do I want to live here?

The reason why you want to live in Minnesota is because we have everything here. Nice fishing spots, good hunting grounds and much much more. We have nice homes places to shop. But the one thing that I love the most is the nice weather here. Some days warm and some day cold but when it's warm you might want a cold day, and when it's cold you might want a warm day. So if you are looking for some place nice to live I would say come to MINNESOTA. I guarantee you will love it. We also have a nice town called Grand Rapids. It has everything nice weather and really nice people. So you should also check out there.

Facts of Minnesota

Did you know that they made another name for minnesota it's is called the New England Of the West. Also Minnesota had a lot of famous people back in the day. Just like I was talking about Henry Sibley. Was the first governor of Minnesota. There are so many different famous people here. Did you know that Minnesota's first baseball commentator Halsey Hal was the first to say "Holy Cow"during a baseball broadcast. Also that the St. Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959 allowing oceangoing ships to reach Duluth. Also did you know that the original name of the settlement that became St. Paul was Pigs Eye. There is a lot of history in the state I like to call Minnesota.