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August 2022

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Important Announcements!

2022 STAAR Grade 5 Math Paper Answer Key Discrepancy

There was a scoring issue with the 2022 STAAR English grade 5 math paper test.
  • For one question on the English paper math test, two answer choices were out-of-order, which resulted in some students not receiving credit for a correct response.
  • This discrepancy only occurred in the English paper form and did not impact online forms or Spanish forms.

TEA is working to update the data to ensure that students who correctly responded to the affected item receive credit for the correct response.

  • Students who previously received credit for an incorrect response as a result of the discrepancy will not have their test scores changed.

A district-level file containing a comprehensive list of impacted students will be delivered to the district’s Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) secure inbox.
  • The Family Portal will be updated to reflect the amended scores on August 5, 2022.

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

As part of the data clean-up process (see System Updates below for more information), 2021–22 student records, rosters, and student test eligibilities will no longer be available on August 22 when the system is back online.

  • Users wishing to save a copy of their student or roster data from the 2021–22 school year must do so prior to August 14, 2022.

  • Starting on August 22, districts should upload new student files reflecting 2022–23 enrollment data. Test attributes and the fields that drive test eligibility will need to be set for the 2022–23 school year.

TIDE File Layout Updates

Updated TIDE file layouts for the 2022–2023 school year will be posted on the Texas Assessment website as they are finalized. These files may only be used for uploading information into TIDE after August 22, 2022. The scheduled posting dates are as follows:

Please note: The Header Label for Column C “Enrolled District Name” is incorrect. It should be “Enrolled Campus Code” according to the Business Rules in Column F. Cambium will be making updates to it as necessary, but Student Information Systems will need this new format in order to reprogram their data pulls.

  • User Upload on August 15
  • Additional Student Fields Upload on August 15
  • Test Attribute Upload on August 15

STAAR Progress Measures in 2023

Due to the redesign of the reading language arts (RLA) STAAR, the inclusion of new item types in mathematics, the shift to a fully online assessment system, and required standard setting and validation processes, STAAR Progress Measures will NOT be calculated for 2022–23.

  • Gain score STAAR Progress Measures for RLA and mathematics tests are anticipated to return in 2024 and will be reported in STAAR data files and on STAAR Report Cards.
  • STAAR Progress Measures will no longer be used in academic accountability. Academic accountability growth measures will use a transition table model beginning in 2023, as detailed in the Preliminary 2023 Academic Accountability System Framework.

To learn more, view the complete STAAR Progress Measures in 2023 document.

95% Assessment Participation Requirements

Texas’ request to waive the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 95% assessment participation requirements for the 2021–22 school year was not approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Participation rates will be calculated for 2022 accountability, and campuses and districts that do not meet the 95% participation rate (in reading and/or math) will have the Academic Achievement component of Closing the Gaps adjusted to meet 95%.
  • More information can be found in Chapter 4 of the 2022 Accountability Manual.

A–F Knowledge Base and FAQ Widget

Performance Reporting created a Knowledge Base that houses over one hundred accountability related questions and answers.

  • Users can either browse by topic by selecting the “Accountability Topics” option in the top right corner or enter a keyword to find related FAQs. Users can also view FAQs by scrolling the main page and navigating through the top rated, most viewed, and newly published sections.

An FAQ widget has also been added to the bottom right corner of our 2022 Accountability Rating System and Performance Reporting Resources webpages!

  • The widget allows users to easily search accountability FAQs pulled directly from the Knowledge Base. When searching for an FAQ using the widget, users should use full words. For instance, if a user is searching for “growth”, the entire word “growth” needs to be entered. Entering a partial word will not result in any results.

System Updates

Cambium System Data Clean-up and System Upgrades

As a reminder, the Test Delivery System (TDS), Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), and the Centralized Reporting System (CRS) will be offline between August 15 and August 21, 2022, to complete end-of-year data clean-up and system upgrades for the 2022–23 school year. All systems will be back online on Monday, August 22.

  • Please be sure to download any data files prior to August 14, 2022.

Test Delivery System (TDS)

The Test Administrator Interface of TDS will be unavailable during the clean-up window (Aug. 15th-21st), so no test sessions may be created or administered. Practice, released, and new item type tests will be available for students to use in Guest mode.

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

All user accounts will be carried over to the 2022–23 school year. However, starting August 22, all users will need to set a new password when logging into TIDE for the first time.

  • As part of the data clean-up process, 2021–22 student records, rosters, and student test eligibilities will no longer be available on August 22 when the system is back online.

  • Users wishing to save a copy of their student or roster data from the 2021–22 school year must do so prior to August 14, 2022.

  • Starting on August 22, districts should upload new student files reflecting 2022–23 enrollment data. Test attributes and the fields that drive test eligibility will need to be set for the 2022–23 school year.

Note: File exports to the Secure Inbox have a limit of 100,000 records. Districts with a large number of records should select a few enrolled grades at a time to export.

Centralized Reporting System (CRS)

It is not necessary to download 2021–22 results or data files unless access to this information is needed while CRS is offline. Districts can access 2021–22 test history in CRS for their students enrolled in TIDE in the 2022–23 school year.


The Authoring system will remain available for users to create new items and tests. All items and tests created in the 2021–22 school year will remain available. No tests may be administered to students until the students have been reloaded in TIDE after August 22.

Desktop Secure Browsers

Secure browser version 15 for Windows, macOS, and Linux is now available for download from the Secure Browser section on The updated mobile secure browser version 7 for iPad OS and Chrome OS will be available by August 1. Review the secure browser installation and configuration instructions and install the latest secure browser versions prior to August 31, 2022.

An updated version of the Secure Browser System Requirements is available in the Secure Browser section of This includes information on the operating systems needed to support online testing in the 2022–2023 school year.

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August 2nd
  • Student Report Cards, Rosters, Summary Reports, and Administration Data Files Available
  • Preliminary Region Reports Posted
  • Window Opens For Districts to Resolve Student Information and Test Discrepancies in TIDE, Submit Score Code Changes, Language Code Changes, and Rescore Requests

August 5th

  • Student Report Cards and Data Files Available in the Family and Analytic Portals
  • Window Closes For Corrections to Student Records in TIDE, Score Code and Language Code Changes (See the COE for more details regarding changes made after the window)
  • Last date for districts to submit rescore requests

August 29th

  • Updated Student Report Cards and Data Files Available

August 31st

  • Updated Student Report Cards and Data Files Available in the Family and Analytic Portals

Performance Reporting Calendar

  • August 5: Adopted 2022 Accountability Manual published in the Texas Register
  • August 8: Accountability student listings released in TEAL
  • August 12: Accountability ratings, reports, and data tables released in TEAL
  • August 12: Accountability rating appeals window opens in TEAL
  • August 15: Accountability ratings released publicly
  • Fall 2022: 2023 accountability system targets and cut points released
  • August 2023: Accountability ratings under the reset system released


Third-grade parents are not able to access the portal code using Social Security. When will information be sent out about how to access results for third graders in the family portal.

  • Districts are required to provide tests results to students and parents as indicated in TAC, §101.3014(b). One way to do that is through the STAAR report card, which has the Family Portal access code. If districts do not use the report card and are using the portal to inform parents of test results, the district should send out the access codes that are provided in its data file. The data file includes the newly generated grade 3 access codes. As long as parents have and are using the access codes provided (through the report card or data file), they should be able to log in to the Family Portal. Unfortunately, with the transition to Cambium, we no longer use social security numbers. That is why the social security number does not work.

What will occur during the TIDE rollover Aug. 15-21? What, if any, data will be purged? Student information from TIDE? Test data from CRS?

  • Any student files must be downloaded prior to August 15. All student information will be purged, so if districts want the files they should download them if they do not have an SIS. The history will still be there. They need to add the accommodations again. All user accounts will have to reset that password.

If a student is enrolled in a district for the October snapshot, then tests in May in another district, where does that score get reported for accountability?

  • If a student does not meet the accountability subset as s/he moved districts, the result would not be included for either district. If the student moves campuses, but remains within the same district, the result would be included for the district but not for either campus. The student must test in the same campus/district as the October snapshot in order for their result to be included. If the student does not meet district subset, then the student will not count for either district; that result would be rolled up into state accountability calculations.

Are STAAR results for foreign exchange students used in accountability?

  • Yes, if a foreign exchange student takes the STAAR and is in the accountability subset, his or her assessment results are included in accountability calculations.

Training Opportunities

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  • The Learning Management System (LMS) will have a new organization system this year, with training modules categorized as before, during, and after testing activities. New training modules will be posted in LMS in the upcoming weeks.

  • The Technology Requirements Overview training module was available on July 29, 2022, and is designed to help technology staff understand system requirements for using CAI platforms.

  • The What’s New training module will be available on August 19 and will highlight new and redesigned features in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) for the 2022–2023 school year.

House Bill (HB 3) Implementation: Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) Reimbursement Request

TEA will provide reimbursement to school systems for the cost of administering one college preparation assessment (SAT, ACT or TSIA) per eligible student. If multiple records of a student are reported, TEA will reimburse the highest-cost exam. If multiple records of a student are reported from several school systems, the first school system will be considered.

Timeline for Submission of TSIA Requests

  • On July 7, TEA will open the window for school systems to submit a Qualtrics form with the required data to request their TSIA reimbursement. This window will close September 30, 2022. TEA will not accept late requests.

Process for Completion of the Form

  • School systems must provide the required data elements detailed in the spreadsheet to the agency. TEA has provided a template for school systems to utilize and/or replicate, along with the instructions on the data needed and the submission process, all of which can be found on the agency's website. School systems will then submit the spreadsheet to TEA through the Qualtrics form.

TEA and College Board Support

  • TEA will post a recorded webinar in August to answer questions and walk through the completion of the template and form. Additionally, TEA has collaborated with the College Board to provide instructions on how TSIA administrators can create a custom report and query on the ACCUPLACER platform with the necessary TSIA data requested on the template. This allows those school systems that are TSIA administrators or that have a data sharing agreement with an institute of higher education (IHE) an easier method to find accurate data.
  • College Board’s instructions can be found by TSIA administrators when they log in to the ACCUPLACER platform.

ACT and SAT Submission of Reimbursement Requests

  • For the 2021-2022 school year, ACT and SAT reimbursement requests will occur in fall 2022 in the TEA Login (TEAL) Accountability application. TEA will release a To The Administrator Addressed letter when the application opens.

For Further Information

Texas Assessment - Testing Personnel

Resources and information needed to prepare for and administer the Texas Assessment Program.


The District and Campus Coordinator Resources, a collection of webpages, is prepared for its initial publishing at the beginning of each school year. For the 2021–2022 school year, additional updates are planned in the fall and again in the spring.

Analytic Portal

This feature allows users to view, analyze, and download assessment summary reports. Users can disaggregate and filter data and download reports in a PDF or CSV format.

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