A Peek at the Week

April 28, 2019

To Do List For This Week

As we begin the first week of May, please make sure you have completed the following:

1. Teacher Survey on SCDE website- the survey is listed under hot topics on the website and our code is 0501004.

2. Enter the instructional reading levels of our students into your data spreadsheet with beginning and mid-year levels. Attach this into SCLead under the tab Summative conference. You will need to type a reflection discussing the percentage of students who met their goals and your thoughts about student progress. After this is complete, sign. Please have this entered by May 1st.

3. Sign up to help with our Ties and Tiaras dance put on by ALIVE Wesleyn Church. The sign up sheet is in the conference room.

Voting Day is Tuesday, April 30th. Please plan to vote on this day. If you need to leave during your planning to vote, please do so. Tell your families to vote as well. We need the addition to our school! :-)

June 7th

A heads up for the last day of school - The district office is bringing Kristie Curan to our district on the last day of school to speak to all K-2 teachers. This is more learning in the area of reading. We will be doing some planning on this day for the upcoming year for teachers in grades 3-5 at our school. While I know this is typically a short day after you have finished up in your rooms, it will be a bit different this year. I wanted to go ahead and let you all know. Please know that we fully understand that you are ready to start your summer vacation on this day. We will make sure it is a "get ahead" time for you for the following year. This day should be wrapped up around 2:00.

SCReady Online Tools Tutorial

Students in grades 3-5 will take the SCReady Online Tools Tutorial beginning at 8:30 this Wednesday. Please keep this in mind when you are moving in our hallways.

Clemson Practicum Students

If you are willing to take a Clemson practicum student in the fall, please let me know asap. Keep in mind that another set of hands is very useful in providing small group and one-on-one instruction.

Schedules and Count Down to Testing

We have two full weeks before SCReady testing begins. Keep your schedules tight focusing on essential learning.


A reminder to our K-2 classes: Make sure you are thinking about ways you are going to encourage your buddy class for the week of SCReady. I sent out that list a couple of weeks ago. Some ideas are: decorate their door, have your classes write notes, provide small treats, etc. Anything your class can do to motivate them and let them know you are cheering for them during this time is going to be great!

3-5 teachers: I hope you have created your grade level cheer. Make sure your classes know their cheer because we will have a "cheer off" at our PEP rally. Also, we would love for each grade level of teachers to speak at the PEP rally as well. Any ideas you have that you believe would motivate our kids, please share!

Important End of the Year Dates:

May 6th: Book Fair Opens

May 7th: Wedding Shower for Elizabeth Callaham, K5 Phonics training day, and Testing Training for 3-5 teachers.

May 8th: 1/2 of 1st grade to Barnes and Noble, Testing training for monitors and small groups,

May 9th: Other 1/2 of 1st grade to Barnes and Noble

May 10th: Testing PEP rally, last day to check out books from the library, Kehl here to decorate for dance next week.

May 13th: 1st day of SCReady testing

May 14th: SCReady day 2

May 15th: SCReady day 3, all teacher surveys must be complete

May 16th: SCReady day 4

May 17th: Spring Fling, Ties and Tiaras Dance

May 20th: Fitness Gram Visit, iPad collection from 11-3:30

May 21st: 4th grade to Biltmore House, Last day for K4

May 22nd: 3rd grade to Columbia

May 23rd: 5th grade to Pigeon Forge

May 24th: Palmetto High Graduation, Field Day

May 28th: K5 Celebration of Learning

May 29th: 1st Celebration of Learning, Legacy Day

May 30th: 2nd Celebration of Learning

May 31st: 3rd Celebration of Learning, Profile Cards Due

See you tomorrow!